Anima Fruit

MOD Desc
Adds fruit to the Anima tree; a mystical drug with psychic effects.

Roughly once a year the anima tree will produce a very special fruit.

Eating the fruit not only gets you high as f….it tastes marvelous! Your entire mind, body, and solar system will be as one. Taste the universe and master your psychic energy.

Just don’t get addicted….Withdrawal is kinda rough.

Side effects may include; feelings of euphoria, synaesthesia, increased psychic sensations, increased psychic sensitivity, new or improved psychic abilities, sluggishness, an ability to read minds, a heightened sense of self and being.

Less than 1% of users report instances of psychic shock, loss of consciousness and slow movement, psychic burden, psychic blindness, psychic vertigo, psychic invisibility, a sense of psychic entropy, a sense of increasing psychic entropy among others in the same vicinity, confused wandering, psychotic wandering, extreme drug binges and psychic breakdown.

Seek the advice of a medical professional if the sensation that you are tasting the sound of your soul persists for more than five days.

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Great game 10/10, the most random happens.
It was the middle of the night when a fire started in my research house(which was made out of wood) from an electrical error. I of course send one of my colonists to go and put out my fire, when I realize its getting to big for this colonist to handle, so I send another. The original colonist passes out from heatstroke because this was in the jungle during a heatwave and the extra heat from the fire became to much, and I ordered the second colonist to save him, when just then that colonist passed out to. finally, I send my third colonist to try to save them, but for some reason that one passed out immediately, and I was forced to watch my colonists slowly burn to death, when suddenly a man in black appears! Thinking he is my chance at salvation, as he puts out the fire(the colonists are already did) I tell him to go outside to avoid collapsing from heat as all hope is lost, my entire house is gone along with my food and my medicine and weapons. Just as this man is about to walk out the door, he passes out, and I have to slowly watch him die. The only survivor was my cat, who inherited the colony.

This game is incredible. It’s the gold standard for small scale management roguelikelikes or whatever you want to call it. It’s challenging but fair, insanely deep, infinitely replayable, actively developed. Many of these management type games stutter when you finally make a self-sustaining and robust colony/ship/system, but Rimworld treats your settlement just like any other on the map, and you can leave at any time to travel, trade, explore or relocate. Your colonists are complex and unique enough that you remember them and the stories they live, and your colonists are just like any other character in Rimworld, merchants, raiders, tribals, they all have a unique name, backstory, and set of personal relationships and they can all be killed, captured, maimed, cybernetically enhanced, recruited, flayed and turned into clothing, in whichever order you please. The modding community is well supported and offers all sorts of awesome mods, the dev is a cool guy who doesn’t afraid of anything, I don’t know what else to say. If this type of thing interests you at all you should have been playing this game years ago, why are you reading reviews still?

It’s like DF2. But it’s not. There’s entirely too many mods for this game, ranging from minor to game-changing. However, the base game alone is worth playing. I’ve spent dozens of hours replaying the naked brutality scenario trying to understand how to progress and succeed at the game. When they say that the game is mostly about the story created by random events, they aren’t kidding. I’ve had successful runs destroyed by plague or infections or raiders or my own curiousity (what’s in this ancient room? Oh, killer robots, cool!) and although sometimes it feels unfair (if you’re on commitment) it makes sense and makes for interesting gameplay. The only downside is the steep learning curve to understand all the various mechanics at play.

Really, this is so much more accessible than DF2 while retaining a lot of the complexity. It’s a great game. Don’t wait for a sale because you won’t get one, just pick it up at full price and refund it if you really don’t like the way the game works. Do your research before your purchase and understand what you’re getting and I bet you’ll enjoy it. It’s challenging, it’s deep, it’s fun and I recommend it.

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