AutopsyTable (Continued)

MOD Desc
Update of bodloshs mod


Non-steam version:

– Added Russian translation, by jose

— Original Description —
Remove organs and bionics from corpses.
Factors that influence the success chance:
– doctor skill of the worker
– corpse age (after 24 hours it is almost impossible to succeed)
– room surgery success chance and infection chance
– quality and material of the table (silver!)

Dwarf Fortress was a game I played a few years back, and one I would like to play again when it ‘eventually’ gets closer to completion. RimWorld helps to scratch that itch of managing a colony though, and it does it well. As of this review, I have been playing the game during Alpha 15. I can safely say that this is an excellent game that I’ve poured several hours already without fully mastering all RimWorld’s content.

For what its worth, RimWorld is a fantastic game in the colony builder genre. Compared to Dwarf Fortress it perhaps dumbs down some things – like having you mine steel out of walls instead of mining iron and working it into steel first. However if you can get past some of the simplification there is still quite a bit of depth in the game. There is a still caring and managing of your different colonists through assigning them all different work tasks and ensuring they are fed and happy; and while you probably won’t have failure due to tantrum spirals, you still have to watch out for the safety of your colonists – be it from dangerous predators, roving raiders, infectious diseases, and rather ‘fickle’ weather.

Something to bring up as well is that if you are coming from Dwarf Fortress, or just picking up a colony builder game for the first time, you won’t be spending a whole lot of time trying to figure out how to play. The game features a very basic tutorial – and even without the tutorial the game has a sweet user interface which makes it very easy to actually sit down and just play the game.

I certainly encourage buying this game, even in Early Access. It does indeed play quite well without much in the ways of irritating bugs, and the developer seems quite busy in continuing to add new content to the game as well.

Check It Out.

This Game is really, really awesome! I was slightly skeptical when i first saw that it looked similar to Prison Architect, but I decided to go for it anyway because the idea of building up a space colony seemed pretty cool. I am very glad I did. It really isnt anything like prison architect except for how the artwork looks and how you build but it plays totally different. Even though this title is still in early access, this proves that not all early access games are terrible or a joke. This is very well put together and each time you play, as the developer intends, it’s a new experience, a new story, with different colonists. Since i’ve purchased this game, this is the only game i’ve been playing and my steam library contains over 100 games. It is addicting on the levels of Sid Mier’s Civilization and the replayability is even higher. If you are unsure on whether to purchase this game but you like Sci-Fi, Tycoon/Management games, games in which you build something from nothing yourself, or if the idea of running your own tribe or space colony is appealing, i’d say one hundred percent get this game. Right now, it’s selling for Thirty Dollars, and I think it’s actually worth more, I appreciate the lower pricing range for the fact that it is early access and the developer knows that bugs can be found. My experience thus far has been seamless and bug-free at 35.3 hours game time when this was written. In addition to all the greatness in the original game, there is already a very large modding community turning out some great mods and scenarios for everyone to play and there is additional content coming every day! Final Rating for me , Five Stars, 10/10 / 100% love it. Thank you Ludeon Studios and everyone involved for creating such a great, quality game, keep up the good work!

Rimworld I am so glad I found you on accident.

This game is a very weird but truly a fun time.

PROS: * Very open ended, allowing easy use of mods VIA Steam Workshop and allowing you to change and do damn near anything to your colonists. From transforming them into robotic monsters of pure death and destruction, or your prisoners making them legless and impossible to run away from you.

* You can spend countless hours just building a colony and planning one out using the planning tool. IN fact its a good idea to do it!

* Easy to understand, hard to master perfectly.

MIDDLE GROUND: * Combat can suck at times, relying on RNG for hits, misses, and where the hit goes. One day your no skilled shooter lands a lucky shot killing a sniper instantly. The next day your professional max rank sniper can’t land a single shot and in fact kills your colonist on accident instead. This also applies from enemies to you. You could be firing pistols and machine guns, then a single spear is thrown and stabs someone’s back killing them instantly.

* The visuals are not the most appealing thing in the world.

CONS: * Game can feel slow, then super fast rush of bad happens all in a row. This too is based off an RNG like system within the game (Or so I think it does) an can make the game quite un-fun

* Luck is just a huge factor in the game. I am a very unlucky person alot of the time. So more often than not I am getting screwed over by something

FINAL NOTES: This game is special and as I said, A fun time. However where this game shines the best is how easy it is for us the player to use mods. You can find nearly any type of mod for nearly any aspect of the game right in the steam workshop.

Game is a solid 8/10

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