Night Lights

MOD Desc
About Decorate your base with colorful sculptures that light up at night!

Night lights have high beauty and come in 3 sizes: small, medium, large. They function as normal sculptures by day.

Requires ‘colored lights’ research to build.

Night lights use sculpture graphics! If you have extra sculpture graphics from mods like More Sculpture, night lights will appear in those shapes.

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I don’t often write reviews for games but this game derserves a review. This game is best described as a colony building survival game with a similar play style to Prison Architect. Its great. It’s unforgiving on ironman mode which is what many games lack these days. Most games baby you through and let you just go back and fix your mistakes with no consequences. You will have to start again multiple times, you will rage and swear to never play again but you will always be back. This is the most unique in depth survival game i have played with endless playablity. Unpredictable weather or events (raids , solar flares) keeps you on your toes. There is so much to talk about with this game but ill let you discover the awesome experience for yourself. Easily worth the 30USD and id imagine itll go on sale this xmas, if for anything less than $30 , its a must have for anyone into stratergy, survival and RTS games. Many updates, tweaks and fixes. Workshop capability.

9/10 would watch my colony burn to the ground again.

Play the Base Game;
Try to Survive on the Rim, watch as one of your colonists has to kill their Own Sister who attacked as part of a Raider Gang.
You tried to heal her after her leg got blown off, but you ran out of medicine after the blight killed all your crops and she succumb to the infection.
Your colonist then goes beserk and slaughters the rest of your colony before collapsing from starvation while wandering in sadness….
Seriously WTF who makes a game like this!?…. And why do I Love it so much!!!

Then Try the Mods;
And create your own Vampire Wizard cult who feed off their Prison labour camp while building Tech bases across the map connected by Stargates and fighting back the Jedi Werewolf hordes riding their RhinoWolf Mounts!!!

Seriously, it’s like 70% of Dwarf Fortress in a Sci-Setting and with a playable UI
Recommended for anyone even remotely interested in the genre… what ever genre that is 😛

PS: Oh and Modded to a level on par with Bethesda games.

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