Armor Core

MOD Desc
New armor, weapons, a modular system and more!
Only works with RimOverhaul!
In the list of mods, it should be lower than him.

The module adds an advanced enhancement system.

Improve your armor with dozens of modules. Modules can improve certain parameters or give new abilities.

Modular system: improve things with the help of modules. Some will give new abilities, others will raise combat parameters or protect you from weather effects.
A choice of more than a dozen modules is available!

New armor: try new types of armor that will help you survive in this world!

New weapons (coming soon!): Try new weapons and destroy your enemies.


  • Is there a guide anywhere for making parts of this? I got a ‘cold fusion reactor heart’ from the climate bomb event. Is this the only way to get it? I also researched the improved version but where do you get a ‘Palladium core’? so many parts without much explanation on how to get them :s
  • That is suuuuper confusing. So when it says we’re smelting ‘titan’ ingots, it’s really just this different material entirely. I kind of wish this were a public github project or something where I could submit pull requests. I noticed a couple typos while looking around at things.
  • I dont know if this is a problem but there is an Error on startup if the Mod ‘What the hack?!’ is active.XML RimWorld.StatDef defines the same field twice: parts.AimingDelayFactoraiming timeHow long it takes to shoot after choosing a target.PawnCombat1010.01PercentZerofalse999
  • Not really, but it just looks a bit goofy and disproportionate on my pawn. I think it would more badass if it was based on the hulk body type rather than the big boned one. That way it would still keep the large stature but not look as silly. Just my two cents tho!
  • Если вдруг будет возможность где-то, как-то риалта

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