Grand Rivers

MOD Desc
Expanding the might of Rimword’s waterways.

Info This mod changes two aspects of the game.

•Rivers are much larger and more significant. No more tiny stream where a river should be.
•Moving water slows down entities much more, making rivers a challenge to cross and attack over, while making them a useful natural defence.

Screenshots Shown in order are:
Huge River
Large River

Compatibility Working on fixing overwrite conflicts with other world gen mods.

This mod should be compatible with most mods, let me know if you find any conflicts and I will try to work on it.

Well golly HMS-Captain Lurmey word cop extraordinaire If they had edit functions in Steam, I could have easily corrected my impeccable spelling. Or just not been lazy and reposted the corrected text.That said, you’re mostly correct, that I do not have this mod. But I’ve heard of it, and seen a few people using it, and still end up in a SMH moment. But I digress.The question still was valid, in as much as you have a river, so why use that drill for water mod at all, and then complain here, instead of on the Bug Page where he would have gotten better results and response from the author?Then you dash to his defense by attacking me, instead of politely clearing the fog, and educating. Yes, yes, I know it is the thing to do these days, that alienating people you never met. But that is your world, not mine?

question isn’t still valid. regardless of weather you have a giant river or half the map with ocean. you can’t access water to make dub’s bad hygiene modded items if this mods breaks the looking for water layer, then its perfectly fine for weyland to post about.fair point though on the post in bugs thread. unfortunately i don’t see one here.does he have one on rimworld forums? dunno it’s not listed.not gonna comment of the other stuff, not relivant to my post regarding ‘archibald weyland’ post.although i would like to know if the conflict has been fixed or not as i like this mod, but would never give up the dubs hygiene mod.

you are overriding the vanilla def’s. do not do this, it causes probelms and thats the reason your mod is incompatible with most other terrain mods ;)please use patchoperations:patchoperations vanilla: modchecker: most mods use modchecker. it speeds up patching, for that it looks directly for the mod and file name. since you override vanilla items, they do not find it at the specified place and it can accidently override other properties of vanilla items too. thats why this practice is a bad move in terms of compatibility if you only change specific properties of an item (every mod that uses the items would have to adjust to yours).for examples for proper patching see the links, ludeon help forum has some pinned topic too i think or my [sd] bridges mod (for the water terrain patching specifily with using modchecker).tyvm

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