[SYR] Stone Rebalance

MOD Desc
Changes stats of stones and colors of granite and jade.
Disclaimer: This is not supposed to be realistic, this is supposed to make the stone types more interesting and balanced.

Granite gets a totally new blue-grey color to better differentiate it from Sandstone. Things made of Jade get a much more satisfying green color. Metal and silver tiles get +1 to beauty to make them compete better against the new stones.

Also adds jade bricks and tiles (two floor types). You can find them in the stone tile dropdown menu!

Stats: General – All stone types are a little bit easier to mine
– All stone types have the same mass and sharp damage now (1 and 0.65)
– All stone types still have a construction work offset, meaning even the smallest fastest thing made of stone requires at least 1-2 seconds of extra work (vanilla is ~2seconds for all types), but this offset is now specific for each type
– Cutting stone blocks is faster depending on type (ONLY THE SPECIFIC RECIPES, ‘CUT ANY’ STILL TAKES THE SAME TIME)

Sandstone – very fast, very weak, neutral Sandstone is relatively weak and neutral in looks, but still not flammable and stronger than steel. The main advantage is that it takes three times less work than Granite. It is the best material for traps, since all stone types have the same trap damage.

Granite – very slow, very strong, neutral It’s the counterpart to Sandstone, takes a lot of time to work with, but is the most durable stone type. Traps made of granite take forever to build. In short: Granite stronk.

Limestone – medium³ Takes a medium amount of time to work with, is medium strong, has a little beauty and generally Limestone is a decent stone for anything, but for everything there is a better stone type. Versatility comes at a price.

Slate – fast, weak, beautiful Slate takes a special place among the stones. It’s not really the greatest building material and it has no beauty multiplier, making it a waste to use it on things with inherent beauty, like sculptures. However, it comes with a nice beauty offset, so anything that has no inherent beauty will be great if made off slate, like shelves or certain furniture.

Marble – slow, strong, beautiful Marble has only a small beauty offset, but a good multiplier, making anything with inherent beauty great candidates for being made out of Marble. Otherwise it’s a relatively solid but slow to work with material.

Beauty Examples: Slate shelf (normal): 8 Beauty (8 material offset)
Slate shelf (good): 16 Beauty (8 material offset * 200% quality multiplier)
Silver shelf (good): 24 beauty ((0 base beauty * 200% material multiplier + 12 offset) * 200% quality multiplier)
Large silver sculpture (normal): 212 beauty ((100 base beauty * 200% material multiplier + 12 offset) * 100% quality multiplier) – gets rounded to 210
Large jade sculpture (good): 616 beauty ((100 base beauty * 300% material multiplier + 8 offset) * 200% quality multiplier) – gets rounded to 615


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Lost way too many hours of sleep to this already. There never seems to be a good stopping point – always more fires to put out (sometimes literally) and things to finish. I like that it somehow always feels like a bit of a challenge, but even if I need to reload a time or two, putting some thought into it will usually yield a better result. Sometimes it’s sending someone to melee the guy with the rocket launcher before he takes out your entire mining team. Sometimes it’s saving a hapless gimpy guy from yet another disease.

My weakest, most sickly colonist, who also happens to be amazing at doctoring and animals, contracted the plague and I didn’t realize we were out of regular medicine until he died because he didn’t receive good enough treatment. My last autosave wasn’t far enough back. This became a determined team effort. Best gardeners – cut some cloth from the almost-ready cotton plants! Best researcher – go make some medicine, stat! A fistfight breaks out in the dining room and someone grabs the new medicine to patch them up. Quick – stop them and send them to do something else, then send the best doctor to grab the meds and tend the sickly guy. Watch… watch… breathe a sigh of relief as he gains immunity to the plague just 2% before he would have succumbed. Who would have thought this would be nailbiting, edge-of-your-seat gameplay?

10/10 would save gimpy guy again.

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