[1.0] Jernfalk’s Skeletal Legion

MOD Desc
Adds the Skeletal Legion faction to the Rim. Relentless warriors of the past who will constantly seek the living.
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Mod made by Jernfalk, uploaded by sma342 by creator’s permission
Ask questions on forum thread, im only uploader
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I once had a colony going pretty successfully, and had a decent wedding for two of my colonists, Bob and Pearl. They were very much in love. One day in a raid Pearl was killed. Bob became very lonely and was saddened deeply. The colony built a beautiful sarcophagus for Pearl and Bob visited it often.

To help with this, I had the colony buy Bob a companion: a dog, which I named Waffles. Bob was elated to have a companion with him and while it didn’t make his sadness go away, I could see improvements in him almost immediately.

A few days later a bear came in to the colony and killed Waffles.


Rimworld is as casual or hardcore as you want it to be. The Storyteller mechanic allows you to choose how peaceful or chaotic you want your colonists’ experience and allows you to roll for different survivors on the start of your journey. Crashlanded on a planet in the outer rim of civilization, there is a final mission: reach the stars. You must build a ship off of your planet, but how you choose to get there provides countless possibilities.

One of the biggest things to be excited about with RimWorld is its workshop support and its flexibility with modding. Thousands upon thousands of mods already exist and there will be just as more to come in the future.

Rimworld is ostensibly a colony simulator. There’s the gathering of resources and building a base while defending from both environmental and human danger. In that aspect the game is well-executed as it is, but the real magic behind this game is the stories that emerge from all of these parts coming together. The dynamic relationships between the colonists and how that can affect the most minor things allows for some truly emergent gameplay. It’s like The Sims, but with defense turrets and cannibalism.

Thrilling, creative, and utterly detailed, this game is by far one of the best I have ever played. This game will challenge you, even as the devestation draws you in and pushes you harder to survive. From building a powerful trading post in literally any biome you can imagine, to creating an ideal society ruled by your decisions. Utterly.

Each character is unique, with complex traits and historical injuries that will grealtly impact every aspect of your game. Choose wisely. A master architect can build quickly and well, but with the annoying voice and the unforutnate luck of being ‘staggeringly uggly’ they just might drive some of your other colonists to express their displeasure in violent ways. Not to mention the far reaching relationship bonuses and negative impacts. Polish a sophisticated and egalitarian Utopia, with lavish housing and abundant resources for all. Or cultivate a canabalistic society filled with dangerous pyromanicas who have NO problem executing prisoners or selling them into slavery. Or your own twisted blend of the two! The possibilities may be endless, but not always stable.

BUILD. Every structure, every floor, every surface is an opportunity for creativity. You design the rooms, choose the material, and the purpose. Perhaps even darker purposes, all in the name of survival, of course. Create palaces filled with golden tile, elaborate marble scultpures, and pleasure drugs. Or you can try living in sloven, barren caves with little more ambition than to survive the new volcanic winter that has just set in. Sometimes you don’t have a choice.

Give this game a shot. The re-playability of this game is incredible. Not only do they have SO many different biomes affected by planetary conditions, but the many different games modes keep it fresh.

Happy surviving!

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