Ground Turret Mod

MOD Desc
Add Command ‘burrow’ and ‘unburrow’ to turret.
so you can…
distract smart enemy’s attack route.
and place turret in home without – beauty.

you can add this mod in existing savefile.

mod order

Turret Extensions (optional)
Ground Turret Mod(this mod)

this mod is compatible with

Rimsenal – security pack
Boulder trap mod
pulsefire turret
Simple Turrets mod
Tactical Charged Gear
Turret Extensions

and no CE. sorry. 🙂

for other turret modders :
it’s very simple to add this command to your turret. just add ‘comp’ by using Operationadd. 🙂
you can custom texture of Hatches for your turrets.
or all of hatches for your turret!
please read this.

Special Thanks to:
Pelador – many Good suggestions and help
XeoNovaDan – help to make compatible patch with Turret Extensions
leafzxg – translated Simplified Chinese
BiscuitMiner – Traditional Chinese
Dango998 – add some Turret patch

My Colony gathered in the dining room – wood floored, for that nice homey feeling – for the wedding ceremony between Steven and Kaleun.

That was when the power conduit in the middle of the room exploded. Nobody escaped without burns, several colonists were shrapnel-wounded, and over the next 3 days we had a crisis. Five of my colonists suffered infections, including both doctors, which had me micro-managing between treating others and getting the doctors (one of whom had her eyes nearly burned out by the explosion, so she was painfully slow, another took such a shrapnel-pounding to the brain that she now has permanent brain damage)

A caravan from an allied settlement showed up to help out, and the trader broke immediately and started lighting our crops on fire.

That very same day, as half of my colonists were furiously trying to put out the fires on our crops and the doctors were sprinting back and forth trying to balance their infections and the other colonists’ wounds, a siege wandered on map and immediately began bombarding the caravan – taking down the caravaner who was lighting my crops on fire, which was certainly a plus.

White ‘Dasher’ Reindeer managed to hit the pirate mortar perfectly on his first shot, and the pirates decided to charge us – the turrets were all down because of the Zzzzzzt wrecking my power supply, but they only got halfway through the Fun Tunnel (that is what I call the deadfall trap checkerboard that anyone entering or leaving my colony must brave) before giving up and fleeing.

Somehow nobody died but the wedding was rescheduled to a later date after the colony unanimously decided that the ceremony had been ruined.

10/10 would explode wedding with faulty wiring again.

☑ Try not to get addicted
☐ Very good
☐ Good
☐ Nothing special
☐ Ehh
☐ Bad
☐ Just dont

☐ Masterpiece
☐ Beautiful
☑ Good
☐ Decent
☐ Will do
☐ Bad
☐ Awful
☐ Paint.exe

☐ Eargasm
☐ Very good
☑ Good
☐ Decent
☐ Not too bad
☐ Bad
☐ Earrape

☐ Kids
☐ Teens
☑ Adults
☐ Everyone

—PC Requirements—
☐ Check if you can run paint
☐ Potato
☑ Decent
☐ Fast
☐Rich boi
☐ Ask NASA if they have a spare computer

☐ Doesnt have (Not counting historical stuff)
☐ Something isnt nothing I guess
☐ Not greatly told
☐ Average
☐ Good
☐ Lovely
☐ Will make you cry or smile alot
☑ You make your own story

☐ Just press a bunch of buttons
☐ Easy
☐ Significant brain usage
☑ Easy to learn / Hard to master
☐ Not so easy
☐ Difficult
☐ Dark Souls

☐ Nothing
☐ Only if you care about leaderboards/ranks
☐ Isnt necessary to progress
☐ A bit grindy sometimes
☐ Average grind level
☐ A bit grindy
☑ Insanity

—Game Time—
☐ Long enough for a cup of tea
☐ Short
☐ Average
☐ Long
☐ Depends on you
☑ Endless

☑ Just buy it
☐ Worth the price
☐ Wait for sale
☐ Maybe if you have some spare money left
☐ Not recommended
☐ Dont throw money into a rubbish bin

☐ Never had any
☐ Minor bugs
☑ Few bugs
☐ Can get annoying
☐ Ruining the game
☐ The game itself is a big terrarium for bugs

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