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RimFlix allows you to display custom images in televisions.

Create a show from images in a local directory, set the seconds-between-images, and assign it to TV types. A show with random images and a 10 second interval will act like a slideshow. A show with animation frames and a 0.033 second interval will act like a 30 fps animation.

RimFlix can be safely added to and removed from existing games.

How to create a show 1. In Settings, click the Create Show button.
2. Browse to a folder that contains images you want to include in your show. All images (*.png, *.jpg) will be added. You can click an image to see how it will look in game.
3. Enter a name for your show.
4. Enter a time interval between images.
5. Select the TV types you want your show to be played on.
6. Click Create Show, and you’re done!

Note: If you later add / remove images from the folder, those images will be automatically added / removed from the show when you restart the game.

Settings Play shows when no pawns are watching: If enabled, TVs will play shows all the time, even when no pawns are watching. If disabled, TVs will only play shows when pawns are watching.

Seconds until pawns change shows: Pawns will change shows after watching the same show for this many seconds. TVs will have new options for allowing / disallowing pawns to change shows as well as allowing the player to select shows.

Power consumption when playing: Set the power consumption for TVs when a show is playing. 100% is the same as vanilla.

Power consumption when not playing: Set the power consumption for TVs when no shows are playing. 100% is the same as vanilla.

Resize images to TV screen using:
Stretch: Images will be stretched to fit the screen, ignoring aspect ratio.
Fit: Images will be resized as large as possible while staying within the screen’s boundaries and keeping aspect ratio.

Adjust sreen size and position: Click the icon at the top of the Settings window to open a new window that allows you to change the size and position of what the mod considers the ‘screen area’ for each TV type.

RimFlix’s default settings are the same as Rimworld vanilla settings and will have no impact on gameplay other than visuals.

Adding shows from Steam Workshop and Github You can add shows others have created either from Steam Workshop or Github. Here is an example.[github.com] Remember to place them below this mod in the load order.

Artists and animators You can create and share RimFlix shows by uploading them to Steam Workshop. No coding is required. You only need the image files and an XML file that defines each show. Here is an example.[github.com] Other players can add your shows to their game as long as they have the RimFlix mod installed and placed above your show in the mod load order.

Thanks • Jecrell, Mehni, Chais, and other modders who shared their code so I could learn from them
• DnaJur and other helpful people in the Rimworld Discord
• Translators HawnHan (Chinese Simplified), Proxyer (Japanese) and Nyyrikki (Russian)
• Players who use the mod, feedback is always appreciated!

Translators If you want to help translate the settings and menu options, please message me or submit a pull request on GitHub. Thanks!

Links GitHub[github.com]
Ludeon Forums[ludeon.com]

  • Hello, author.I think this is a great idea mod.I created a Japanese translation, but I would like to attach a translated version of the sample video on the GigHub side as a content-related issue as a zip attachment. This is because Japanese law imposes a maximum of 10 years in prison and a fine of about $ 90,000 if a Japanese violates a copyright law.Perhaps this is why it is very difficult for Japanese Mod users to share program content. In the case of foreign countries, I do not know what the penalties for violation of copyright law are.
  • Gaming, if you mean for creating shows and sharing on Steam Workshop, the best thing would probably be to take a look at the example – https://github.com/ritsu/RimFlix-Anime-Loops The readme has info about image dimensions. The folders you’ll want to copy are Defs/ShowDefs, and Textures/Shows. Replace the images in Textures/Shows with your own, and modify the XML files in Defs/ShowDefs with your show’s information (one XML file per show). You might also want to copy/modify the About folder and add your own name/author/description and preview image.Then follow the instructions for ‘Install,’ replacing the RimFlix-Anime-Loops files with your own.
  • (cont…) The reason the Create Show Screen becomes laggy is because GUI elements are drawn for every file in the directory, even if you only see 20 files on the screen at once.I created a fix that disables file listings for directories with more than 500 files. It’s on github for now: https://github.com/ritsu/RimFlix/tree/fix/large-directories You only need to download and replace v1.2/Assemblies/RimFlix.dllUsing this fix, I was able to create and run a show with 8000 images [imgur.com].If you are seeing black images or frozen screens, I suspect it’s a memory issue. RimFlix stores all show image in memory, but it shouldn’t take that much if they are properly sized (i.e. the Megascreen images I use are 100kb each). Also, other mods use up memory as well, so it’s possible your memory usage was already near its limit, and adding a 500+ RimFlix show pushed it over, especially if the images were large (i.e. wallpaper sized).
  • Getting: [RimFlix] Patch operation Verse.PatchOperationAdd(Defs/ThingDef[defName=’TubeTelevision’]/comps) failedfile: D:SteamLibrarysteamappsworkshopcontent2941001685381492PatchesPatch_RimFlix.xmlVerse.Log:Error(String, Boolean)Verse.PatchOperation:Complete(String)Verse.LoadedModManager:ClearCachedPatches()Verse.LoadedModManager:LoadAllActiveMods()Verse.PlayDataLoader:DoPlayLoad()Verse.PlayDataLoader:LoadAllPlayData(Boolean)Verse.c:b__6_1()Verse.LongEventHandler:RunEventFromAnotherThread(Action)Verse.c:b__27_0()System.Threading.ThreadHelper:ThreadStart_Context(Object)System.Threading.ExecutionContext:RunInternal(ExecutionContext, ContextCallback, Object, Boolean)System.Threading.ExecutionContext:Run(ExecutionContext, ContextCallback, Object, Boolean)System.Threading.ExecutionContext:Run(ExecutionContext, ContextCallback, Object)System.Threading.ThreadHelper:ThreadStart()
  • thanks for the comment! I took a look at the ultra screen TV from the Spacer Module, and because it’s a curved screen, there’s no easy way (at least that I know of) to get custom images to fit nicely within the curved frame without clipping over the TV frame or bleeding into the background behind it.Also, adding a fourth TV type would require updating all the UI windows (they’re already a little crowded, imo) in addition to the backend logic. It’s a little intimidating tbh, haha. But maybe if I find a solution to the curved screen problem and get inspired one day, it might happen. (Can’t promise anything though…)
  • From what I see in Thetaprime’s error msgs, the problem is RimFlix is not able to add an item to the TubeTelevision node. That suggest another mod either removed the node from TubeTelevision, or renamed TubeTelevision to something else. can you try this patched RimFlix xml that fixes the case if the node was removed? https://gist.github.com/ritsu/668be880ca357c6fa502f509eb62348f Replace the original file in the RimFlix mod folder: steamappsworkshopcontent2941001685381492PatchesPatch_RimFlix.xmlPlease let me know if it works, thanks!

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