Psychology (unofficial 1.1/1.2)

MOD Desc
This is unofficial update of The Word-Mule’s Psychology mod for Rimworld v1.1. Its a complex overhaul to pawns social interactions, which adds psyche system where each pawns is unique (full description here:

The difference between this version and Nationality’s update is that this one has some of the 1.1 problems fixed (i plan to keep fixing this version for a while).

Its safe to install/upgrade on exisitng saves, but if you uninstall it from existing save you should clean your pawns from any Psychology specific traits first and make a new drugs policy in case you start getting errors regarding drugs shedule.

Original The Word-Mule’s 1.0 mod, go there for the description: (use it for Rimworld 1.0)

Nationality’s 1.1 updade (some files are direct copy from his version of update):

Non-steam download link with source files:

If the orginal creator asks to remove this, I will remove it. Otherwise I will try to keep fixing it.

This is still experimental, and it will take at least couple of weeks before this can be considered stable.

What did I fix (issues caused by 1.1 update):

– Mod now uses workshop version of Harmony (always latest).
– Romance chances fixed for both human and non-human races.
– Attempt to fix attractiveness.
– Bond animal in social tab fix.
– Mental issues treatment recipes should no more be blocked by other mods.
– Banish colonist bug.

What else did I fix (original mod issues?):
– Sexual drive/romantic drive sliders fixes (they now actually affect romance chance)
– Asexual&aromantic pawns will finally stop romancing everything.
– Attempt to fix age curve for Lovin’ MTB for races with non-human lifespan.
– Android mods support: android pawns psyche tab is back, droids psyche tab is now gone.
– Infinite hang out bug (also mostly caused by anroids).

Known issues:
– Debug menu in pawn’s social tab doesn’t show lovin MTB hours for non-human races (lovin still works though, it just doesn’t show in debug for some reason).
– Edit psyche button sometimes doesn’t show up in EdB Prepare Carefully UI, try loading Pyschology last, or just use in-game edit Psyche dev button.
– Some issues from original psychology mod are probably still here.

I’ve tested this with both small mod list and large mod list, and it worked as the original mod did in both cases.

Please add as much info as possible to your bug reports.

  • I agree with below comment. The mood debuff my mayor has because of meetings is the biggest single debuff I’ve ever seen in this game, equal to as if he got divorced, beat up and then had most of his organs removed. You end up with this situation where you see the mayor and the constituent stop their important work mining or farming to go have a meeting lasting 1/2 a day which, more often than not, ends with a fat debuff for both pawns involved, and you’re wondering why you should even let it happen when you can just force them back to work manually without consequence. Also, do you think panic attacks be an actual mental break? Being frozen in place for a day is roughly as bad as a minor break, and right now a panic attack often leads into a mental break (since the pawn’s needs can’t be met while frozen) which is like 2 breaks back to back but with only 1 catharsis buff.
  • Here is the save that the bug happens in. It’s a pretty heavy mod list. And I’ve only noticed it on the pawn ‘Ophelia’, who is a very heavily augmented pawn that moves at something like >40 c/s and I think has over 1500% manipulation.I’ve also never noticed any other pawns attempt to hang out, but I could just as easily be missing it.My top guesses would be something to do with Royalty, as Ophelia is the only titled pawn, or, perhaps more likely, there is some interaction with one of the other mods. There are a few mods in that mod list that change how pawns decide which tasks to perform next, or allow them to perform a task on the way to doing the task they intend to do. Such as picking up the hay right next to them on their way to make a sandwich, while the kitchen is right next to the hay loft.
  • Having a problem where pawns do not communicate with each other other than exchanging pleasentries and talking very sporadically about random topics. No insults, slighting, complimenting or regular discourse. Ultimately, this leads to most social relationships rising to maximum of a short friendship (with around +32) and then deteriorate to the point of ‘acquaintance’ at +15. Also affairs and permanent relationships linger at around +60 to +65. This was now on a 7 hours game started with the lost tribe scenario, 5 pawns, 2 couples.Furthermore, I saw that a date letter was sent and it announced a date at ‘0 hour’. It seemed odd to me, and ultimately the date never happend. Pawns just continued with their current actions (sleeping, I presume). Hope this is of any help! Thanks a lot, again, for putting effort into bringing us back the proper Psychology experience!
  • I simply mentioned there are ways around things. Basically if someone can’t manage their pawns without them cracking perhaps this mod isn’t for them to use? That caveat is, of course, that only applies once KEMPER uploads the new version with adjusted anxiety gain. I also feel that a 100% disorder for any mental break is a broken mod.Otherwise let’s not nerf one of the fun parts of this mod, making sure your folks don’t crack, that you have to work with to make sure doesn’t happen. That’s all I’m saying. And yep, I had a formerly good pawn become a lump too due to a mental break so I know how that goes.By the way, it’s THIS MOD that let’s you treat things like Chemical Fascination, as well as anxiety, and you can ‘treat’ them with even herbal meds, which anyone should have access to, to lessen the occurrence and frequency (AFIAK).
  • Hey Mate, me againJust dropping a note on how to fix your individuality alert. The current impl, is pretty slow :p, it’s because you are inheriting from a generically pretty slow function. I’ll link an impl of a fix for the type of alert. If you need further explanation, join Dubwise’s discord, I hang around a fair amount, and will be happy to explain further. Basic idea is, Action -> We need to check if alert needs updating -> if yes, add to active alerts. -> has it changed from being active to not active -> remove from active alertsOn a related side note: if you’d like to consider uploading the mod to a site like github, when someone has some time spare they can help collaborate to fix issues for the mod.Cheers mate, we all appreciate you working on fixing the mod, more than just pushing it to 1.1 and ditching it,Wiri

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