Rabbie Vanilla face patch

MOD Desc
Rabbie Vanilla face patch mod

Mod order
Humanoid Alien race framework
Rabbie the Moonrabbit race
Rabbie Vanilla face patch


So engrossing. Can play for hours and hours, thinking i’ll just do this one more thing before I stop and then wonder where the time went.

You generate a random world which has environments ranging from sparse ice tundras, to harsh deserts and crash land with 3 survivors and a handful of supplies to get you going. You need to quickly provide yourself shelter to protect from the elements and potential wild animals or nearby hostile settlements, and food through farming or hunting. The game throws random events at your to keep you on your toes while you improve and expand your colony. Much of the fun is getting to know your colonists as their own personalities come to the fore and the story evolves, and you deperately try to fend off raiders or environmental conditions test your ability to keep everyone alive.

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