More Mechanoids

MOD Desc
Adds 5 new vanilla style Mechanoid types.

A mechanical threat has risen! Are you tired of shooting Scythers and Centipedes? This mod extends the Mechanoid arsenal for more variation and new challenges!

Featuring 5 new menacing unit types:
– Crawler
– Skullywag
– Flamebot
– Mammoth
– Assaulter

Is this for you? – If you’re looking for an endgame challenge against the Mechanoids, this mod is for you. The new unit types will keep you on your toes.
– If you find Scythers and Centipedes annoyingly hard to defeat, this mod is for you as well. Some of the units are much easier to kill and more satisfying opponents.

Requirements This mod requires HugsLib!
This mod can be added to existing save games.

Recommended mods to combine with – Giddy Up Mechanoids: Allows people to ride mechanoids to battle
What The Hack!?: Allows you to hack mechanoids and have them work for you
– Combat Extended (not properly balanced yet, though… but you can tell them how it should be adjusted)

Incompatible mods – Yayo’s Combat 3: Makes some mechanoids indestructible
– What The Hack?!: Skullywags from mech clusters immediately awake and trigger the cluster

Credits – Mechanoid graphics by JoeysLucky
– A12 to A17 update by Erdelf
– Korean Translation by NyaamZ
– French Translation by Scribio[]

History More Mechanoids existed before, from A8 to A12, when I discarded it in favour of my Hospitality mod. Together with Erdelf I have now stripped it down to its core and made the new unit types available again.

Old Versions Find them here[]. You can also contribute on GitHub[].

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You’d do me a great favour if you stream it or send me feedback[]!

  • I posted this yesterday and do think there may be an issue with ‘Mechs feel chill now’ after posting over there too. It seems the ‘MechanicalAssaulter’ doesn’t have any vulnerable parts to cold/heat???(Red) Config error in MechanicalAssaulter: no parts vulnerable to frostbiteVerse.Log:Error(String, Boolean)Verse.DefDatabase`1:ErrorCheckAllDefs()System.Reflection.MonoMethod:InternalInvoke(Object, Object[], Exception&)System.Reflection.MonoMethod:Invoke(Object, BindingFlags, Binder, Object[], CultureInfo)System.Reflection.MethodBase:Invoke(Object, Object[])Verse.GenGeneric:InvokeStaticMethodOnGenericType(Type, Type, String)Verse.PlayDataLoader:DoPlayLoad()Verse.PlayDataLoader:LoadAllPlayData(Boolean)Verse.Root:m__1()Verse.LongEventHandler:RunEventFromAnotherThread(Action)Verse.LongEventHandler:m__1()
  • Found an odd bug, not sure if just this mod is responsible for the bug but it goes like this:I picked a large map size, didnt get the prompt to name the colony/town, didnt get raided and I was already a month in. Turns out if there is an active mechanoid on the map you don’t get the name colony event (maybe even the raids are stopped by that). And for some odd reason a single crawler spawned in the corner of the map, while he was active he didn’t do anything other than wander in circles.After devmode killing the crawler I finally got the name colony event about 10 seconds later. Loaded again, didnt kill the crawler, waited and there was no prompt.Generated another large map and a single crawler spawned again. Not sure if this was inteded or I am just unlucky today.This could also be an issue with another mod (I think I have a mod that adds more ruins to the map) but since the enemy that caused the bug is from this mod I posted this here.
  • There’s quite a few Total War modders that make from small (Cataph) to rather large amounts (SFO modpack) from donations on patreon. SFO’s main modder actually works full time on the mod if I’m not mistaken, supported by patreon. Upside they have, is that the game is probably a lot more popular, and they had their patreons set up around the time the game was being released/got DLC. Rimworld is pretty much a done deal now, so it’s harder to get traction for sure. But then again, it’s no investment except for the time to write a little text (way less time than making the mods took :)) and potentially a constant trickle of some money. Just give it some time! If Rimworld ever releases a DLC of some kind, that’s when you would expect most new patrons. But definitely give it some time 🙂 Check out the total war warhammer 2 workshop, and look up cataph’s mods, and SFO, and check their patreons. But also keep in mind they’ve been around since TW:WH1, so a long time to get things rolling!
  • Can’t see any disabled mod from 1.0, some mods have two versions to select, maybe you saw that? I tried without More mechanoids and I don’t have that purple bug and pawns raiding me only spawn with vanilla belt without issues. I tried very hard to duplicate the bug without MM but I can’t.test2:Just a few mods and the bug is still happening with MM I test it with Rimsenal Federation becouse I don’t know what other factions can spawn with the EMP shield. But I get the spinning purple texture and multiple belts, I know I have Awesome inventory in this test but without MM doesn’t happen. I can test it too without Awesome inventory if you want, and if you can tell me what factions can spawn with the EMP belt I remove federation faction to test it with them. And the funny thing is if you spawn a EMP belt and force your own pawns to use it the bug doesn’t happen, but if a raider pawn spawn with it you have the texture bug.
  • I’m pretty much just repeating what was already said, but I’d like to confirm, the assaulter in the Combat Extended mod is absolutely ludicrous. It’s made to be virtually indestructible with its shield and draws a shot faster than any other gun.Due to the way CE armour works, any shots that are any weaker than AP rifle rounds do literally 0 damage (not to mention that they will shrug off explosions), and even the rifles that can penetrate it do something like 1-3% damage a shot.Even with AP rounds on the best sniper rifle in the mod, I can only get 10-20% damage a shot, but not before the assaulter has landed 3 charged shots on my sniper with its ridiculously fast draw.Speaking of, oddly enough the spray and pray machine gun that the assaulter uses has a faster aim time than a regular assault rifle, and especially a sniper. So even with the right weapon, the heckin’ thing will always unload tens of rounds before my guy can even get one shot off.

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