Never eat without a table

MOD Desc
If you ever wondered why vanilla debuff is w e a k, then I present to you -500 debuff after eating without a table.

It’s safe to add to an existing save. Just don’t use any mod that might interfere with this mod.

updated to 1.2

– Started a game on extreme difficulty with randy random
– Landed with a psychopath, A brawler, and a pacifist
– the pacifist.jpg
– Raid happens, sent the pacifist out as bait while the psycho goes and murders them all
– Pacifist miraculously survives
– A pacifist was helpful for ones
– Noticed he was a doctor
– A keeper
– Got a lot of other lads, most couldn’t even fight
– Use them as janitors or bait
– Reject absolute useless people and leave them to die
– Accept those who run for a fight
– Became friends with the most violent raider group
– inb4 we’re a raider group with half of the people in the group being pacifist
– Tribals attack us
– Ready the artillery of rifles.jpg
– Utterly ing destroyed
– Most of the factions dislike us

And that’s how I made a pacifistic raider group. 10/10

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