No Social Fights

MOD Desc
This mod patches the Slight and Insult social interactions to no longer have fight chances.

Disclaimer: there may be something other than insults or slights that causes fights, but I haven’t encountered those yet, and this mod has stopped 100% of the fights in my current playthrough.

This game is worth your money. You may think ‘Whell! This shere aint worsh sho mush money! Imma spennit elshwhere.’
HOLD THE PHONE! And possibly remove your accent, clean up your life etc.

Great content. Deep storytelling. Details. Trading. Diplomacy. Farming. Breeding. guns. Guns. GUNS! and spearsclubsknivesshivspilasetcetcetc.

And did I mention the mod community has so much to offer?
Because they do friend. You have an idea? Its probably been done because this game is VERY mod friendly.

In addition to all of the above, once youve learned how to play the game and become self-sufficient, you can have this game run itself, and pause when a major hostile event occurs. You can even play other games while this runs in the background.

Way worth it. See you out in the Rim.

-Rulant Titus, 14th of Winter, 5504

So, this was a random buy for me. I had heard good things about it, it looked like Prison Architect (which I like), and so that was enough to buy it that night. But beyond that, I really didn’t know much about it.

I start it up, not really sure what to expect…and then several hours later I’m hooked. I’ve played lots of management games, and I’ve played lots of builder games, and a few builder-management games, but this one takes the cake.

The level of freedom you’re given is impressive. If you want to build a utopia, you can build a utopia. If you want to build a criminal village, you can build a criminal village. If you want to (try) to build a colony of tortuous cannibals, you can do it…provided they all don’t each other. It’s a true sandbox game.

I recommend this to anyone who’s into management sims and builder games.

The good: The bad:- Progressive and ever expanding survival experience
that plays and feels organic;

– Solid and practically bug-free game mechanics;

– Indepth, powerful social interactions between the characters and
interactions overall;

– Endless replayability, charm, difficulty flexibility and entertainment;

– Extremely active modding community whose imagination and talent
will fill any gaps (content/mechanic-wise) you think the game has. – Pyromaniacs;

– Late-game framerate drops
affect flowing gameplay.

This game is the pinnacle of 2D survival simulation currently available on Steam. Where many games only simulate the world, its dangers and the way to overcome them, Rimworld goes beyond that and adds all the emotions and feelings. The game world feels alive..!

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