Brighter Blood (Continued)

MOD Desc
Update of LimitedS mod


Non-steam version:

— Original Description —
Tired of the old boring kool-aid blood?
ever wonder why the blood in the game never stands out or is barely visible?
Do you want those blood stains to stand out?
worry no longer with this blood mod!

Adds deeper blood into the game (Pawn/creature blood)
You may notice a sea/trail of blood now into the game from injured pawns/creatures

Insect blood hasn’t been touched yet.

Preview photos have been Down scaled a little too much due to steam’s stupid 2mb photo limit.
Looks a lot better and clear in-game.

Recommended to put this mod last on your load order to prevent any issues.

A rimworld log:
Day fifty. My name is Val, I am the chief and warrior. Our tribe is being attacked! As I rush out to defend the colony; I see my brothers, pinned behind walls and trees, a shining demon waiting for their bravery to betray them! This enrages me, I rushed forward to save my pinned comrades! Leaping over sandbags, dodging shrubbery I have almost made it! A flash of light passes me and destroys a sandbag; whatever powers this demons possess surely the gods will not leave us to die! I raise my rifle, looted from a raiders corpse; sliding behind another sand bag my iron sights lay on the demon. I fire my righteous fury onto the beast and at the same moment he unleashes his evil upon me! I killed the beast; but I AM HIT! GODS I AM HIT; Incapacitated and wounded! I will die here. I pass from consciousness and re-awake on a bed; our herbalist standing over me. ”DOCTOR TELL ME HOW BAD IT IS WILL I DIE DID I LOSE A LEG I LOST A LEG ILL NEVER WALK PROPERLY AGAIN-” ”Shutup val he shot your bloody pinky off, yah ing .”

This game is deep and fun to play, espescially if you like getting attached to your little colonists and inevitably watch them get stabbed, gunned down, die of malaria, toxic fallout, burnt to a crisp, eaten by giant insects, panthers, lions, wargs, and even get struck by goddamn lightning. You’d think that they would have a stiff upperlip about all this, no? But instead they bicker and complain and do the stupidest thing like shoot at their friends for a dirt stain on the floor, or being woken up early. The game is fun, incredibly challenging, but the ramp-up is a little bit unfair. I’m at the stage to where I’m building the ship up, my colonists dying one by one to insanely t random things, like everyone getting sick or mechtoids dropping in through the roof. My defenses are outstanding, lined with autoturrets and ten colonists, most of them great shots and armed with charge rifles. and yet, the game finds ways to slowly kill the colony bit by little bit. Prepere for the worst, but it doesn’t matter. You live or die by the RNG

I recently discovered RimWorld and I absolutely love it! The graphics do not need to be cutting edge to make an incredible game and this is just further proof of that. I have only put about 10 hours into this game so far but with all the unique scenarios, environments, colonists, and challenges, I believe this is a game you could play for years on end and still enjoy.
I’m excited to see where the dev’s take this and what will be implemented in the future. Reading RimWorld stories can be equally entertaining and hilarious. In my short time so far playing, I’ve already experience the swing of emotions that only truly great games can provide. I highly recommend this game, once you get your feet under you (just like every other game) the true fun and possibilities open up. I spent hours reading reviews and stories of RimWorld before purchasing.. and not because I was worried about wasting $30 but because I found myself enjoying the reviews / RimWorld stories that others have shared.
You won’t be disappointed so give it a try.

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