End Tables Are Stools

MOD Desc
Fixes one of the biggest flaws in RimWorld.

This is a joke mod based off of this Reddit thread: https://www.reddit.com/r/RimWorld/comments/arhs96/i_just_realized_why_nobody_was_playing_chess_in/

When I bought this game I was hesitant, if you ever feel ‘bored’ of simply survival (like I was) up your difficulty or change your storyteller.

Here’s a story of my first ever game.

>make world
>choose easiest storyteller and difficulty
>look for a base with rocks as support
>try digging into rock
>settlers wont dig
>see its a steel wall
>press claim and ask settler to deconstruct
>find alien nest
>everyone is clinging on to life after aliens them
>literal man in dark clothing with a revolver comes
>tries to rescue someone
>shoots aliens a couple times
>gets hit
>kills alien
>dies of blood loss

10/10 would die to aliens again

After experiencing this, I understood why it’s primarily a story telling game.

I built a base that ate people and wore their skin as a yakets. All while being in the nude, my dogs also ate eachother and snorted drugs. One day a group of elephants raided the base, one bled all over the place. It was a horror to watch blood pore like a garden huouse all over the place.

One faithful day the handfull of emu eggs came, it was a blessing from above. Finally i had the army I need for my offensive aggainst the mountain robutts. But i wasnt able to feed em all, so they got sold to the emu lovers assosiation.

The game got great music, i love autistic guitars even thou the music is clearly rip off a dogs life.

Chad whom dont have good taste in videogames only gave this 79/100, they can’t see what i can see with my high 127iqs. But i still respect them like a father would respect his child with a belt.

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