More Hydroponics Crops (Continued)

MOD Desc
Update of Wa Ges mod


Non-steam version:

— Original Description —
Adds the ability to grow more vanilla crops (Corn, Devilstrand, Haygrass) in a Hydroponics Basin, as well as adding a new plant, the cocoa bush. This plant grows cocoa beans.

My colony had been doing well so far. My Colony has had its ups and downs, fighting off raiders, taming boomalopes, dealing with massive power outages, and generally just barely squeaking by. However, our biggest challenge was yet to come. . .

One fine day in Decemburary, the winter month, a massive Alien spaceship crashed into the ground, a far ways a way from my main base. However, the foul thing was emanating a psychic drone, and with my colonists already on the brink of going insane, this was something I could not have. I immediately sent several soldiers to destroy the thing. However, things would not be that easy.

As soon as we got close, a mechanics centipede spawned, armed with a powerful burst gun, so my only option was to flee as fast as I could in the opposite direction. The thing just sat there, and I tried to go about my business, planning a way to destroy it.

I waited, and tried to get on the best I could, planning to research turrets and lure it into a slew of them. That would take time. Time I had very little of, as my colonists were starting fires, hiding in their rooms, going berserk, and generally doing very poorly with the steadily intensifying psychic waves.

I never would have guessed what saved me then. The spaceship was also occasionally letting out waves that sent animals mad. On one fateful day, it let out one of those waves and I was prepared to defend myself from the animals, but instead of attacking me, the various creatures went right to the centipede and beat it to death with ease! Immediately, I sent my soldiers to destroy it, and I was saved!

Until those animals, still alive, knocked out four of my colonists before I could get rid of them.

Get rimworld. It’s a great game, and all the stories you make are the fuel that keep it running. This is only one of my many adventures, and I’m sure I’ll get many more.

The developer has stated that the price will go up after early access (which is soon). If you’re even a little bit on the fence about buying this game, absolutely do it now. There is more than enough early-access content to justify spending $30. Other reviews certainly aren’t lacking in the stories that can come out of this game, but I’d like to add one of my own:

I once had a wonderful little village of 9 colonists. We’d survived our fair share of hardships and I was growing quite fond of the group. Along came a pack of around 6 manhunting labrador retievers. That’s fine, I have walls around the perimeter of the colony, as long as no one opens any doors to the outside–

At this moment I find that one of our veteran colonists is out picking berries — in the same direction of the retrievers. I frantically order him inside, but the animals are too fast. As he opens the door, the labrador retirevers are let in with him.

One by one, the colonists fall and are either killed or in shock, writhing on the floor in agony. All but one: Crane. He’s been inside, researching while his friends are being ripped to shreds on the otehr side of the wall. Crane is a weakling, he’s slow, and not very mentally stable. But Crane did his best.

Under the cover of darkness, while all the bloodthristy dogs are asleep, he recovers whomever is still alive, pulling them to safety. There is no medicine in the research building, so Crane gets to watch his friends die one by one. This sends him into a series of mental breaks, where he stares at a wall for days, or wanders around aimlessly even after the dogs have left. He’s gone through so many that he finally became numb to the emotional pain, and decides to carry on his duties as if nothing happened.

Crane is left as the only survivor of the labrador massacre, and some say he is still cleaning blood and burying to this very day.

Been playing this game for quite a while now (since it was still released on Ludeon)
and I’m still eager to follow each step of it’s journey.

Vanilla alone will keep you busy for days, no game is like the previous one.
Starting any new game feels like a new years morning, packed with resolutions
of how to improve and how not to fail, how not to x and focus on y,
trying to set up the most lethal and effective defense ever,
trying to be brave and ignore the shelter mountains used to provide,
testing out a new setup for the new and improved colony.

No matter how well you might think to be prepared, there is always room for improvement 🙂
The storytellers offer very decent opportunities to vary each and every single game,
eventhough it will be very unforgiving at start,
so do not let yourself lured by Randy if you’re about to start the game for the first time.
I’m still crossing fingers each time a caravan sets off for new lands.

The scenario editor was a neat asset to implement some sort of different story, ending up in the same goal tho.

Ah. And yes there is mods. Tons of mod.
Some of them are very neat utilities without simplifying the gaming too much.
Other tend to make it too easy – others do provide you with even more options to research and maintain your colony.

Various themes do spice the story up, it’s not really needed imho, but very fun to play nevertheless.
Would not recommend starting with mods too early as the game is all about figuring stuff out yourself at first.
It can become quite overwhelming at some point,
once you got comfy with Phoebe, feel free to experiment with the other storytellers and difficulties they provide.

I’m still failing with Randy, btw.
And I do like my colonies too much to have them slaughtered by this insane AI!

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