Please Haul Perishables

MOD Desc
Safe to add or remove from existing saved games (as far as I know).

Adds new WorkGivers for hauling, which prioritise hauling perishables or food over non-perishables. Items will be considered perishable if they would rot in less than a year or deteriorate to zero hitpoints in ten days or less.

Rain and water, which both cause higher deterioration rates, will be taken into account.

Perishable items will only be given priority for hauling if they are outside.

A check is made to see if the perishable has a large enough stack size. Things which have a maximum stack size of 1 (weapons and apparel for example) pass automatically. Other perishables must have a high enough stack count for that kind of item. The exact threshold depends on the hauler’s current carrying capacity and the ideal carrying capacity for their race, but it only goes as high as 40. The perishable can still pass the check if there are other perishables of the same type nearby, or if it would deteriorate to zero hitpoints in ten days or less.

Food will also be hauled if it needs to go from low to high priority storage.

A new general hauling routine prefers valuable items like silver or big stacks of items for hauling, regardless of whether they are perishable or not. It will look at a square grid and a plus-shaped grid of cells to see if a big stack of the same type of item could be made. The normal general hauling routine picks up any leftovers.

New in this version, if Pick Up and Haul is active, the mod will use its hauling routine instead, but the order in which things will be hauled will still be decided by this mod.

Also, to improve performance, the lists of things to be hauled will be cached in memory and only updated when a certain number of in-game ticks have passed.

A debug mode exists and will give feedback when you right-click a haulable, so if it is not considered perishable or food or a big stack, that will show as a reason for not doing the job, in addition to still allowing you to manually prioritise hauling.

[Version 1.5.2]

Please ask me before re-uploading this mod.

Don’t comment asking when the mod will update.
Comments regarding mod updates have become a nuisance. I can understand that people get excited and post before they think or read, but I have social media, go and check there to see if I have posted about RimWorld. You will be saving me a lot of time.

Go to the Alpha 17 version.

Go to Ludeon Forums for more information and direct download links:

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There are some tricks you can do so that some workers clock out faster and do hauling instead – for example, if a cook has a designated stove that only they cook at, their bill might read to cook meals until there are 15 meals, and don’t start cooking again until there are ten meals or less. But your other cooks might not clock off until a full 35 meals have been cooked.Similarly, crafters assigned to tailoring can have a bill which counts the number of that kind of apparel equipped as well as those in stockpiles and at or above a certain percentage health, meaning that they clock off when there’s enough clothing of that type available.Stonecutter tables can similarly be set to cut stone until a certain limit is reached, which means that those workers will be free to do tasks further down the list.It pays to have your colinsts work smarter, not harder.

LINK REMOVED REMOVED the errors are no longer occuring every time a pawn goes to haul like it was previously, but instead in batches. Non-food examples I noticed: Muffalo Wool (outdoors)Brownfur (a modded leather, safely indoors)Piles of Sand (modded item, outdoors, deteriorates outdoors)Yesterday it was also throwing errors every time a pawn decided to haul crushed rocks (modded item, outdoors, but neither rots nor deteriorates outdoors), which I thought was odd but didn’t think to copy for some reason. Today I couldn’t replicate that error. Another thing that isn’t throwing an error today, but was yesterday, is food items inside the freezer but not in the stockpile (meat dropped next to the butcher table). These are both low-priority items. Finally, yesterday the piles of sand were NOT throwing errors.

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