RimGacha (Continued)

MOD Desc
Update of Lanilors mod


Non-steam version:

— Original Description —
Bring gacha games to the Rim!

Collect hundreds of gacha figures, hunt for the rarest of them all and arrange them in decorative collections to show off! Create fitting collections for even more beauty boost! With your next draw, you can get a poor wooden hare figure or the super rare legendary golden thrumbo!

Gacha figures have three ‘stats’: animal design, material and quality. These define their rarity, value, base beauty and possible set bonuses.

Built-in mod support for all animal and material mods.
All animals from other mods or new stuff materials will be automatically added to the pool to draw gacha figures from and their rarity and values will be calculated. You can also still add new animals or materials afterwards. But keep in mind that this will recalculate the rarity of all existing figures, so stats like the beauty value of your placed figures may change.
Get Jurassic Rimworld and start to collect dinosaur figures!

Can be added to existing saves.

– Textures for all the figures only get generated if they are needed to save memory and laoding times. This may cause tiny lags when a specific figure first occures in the game, depending on your cpu power.
– If you tab out / minimize the game while it loads your save, gacha figure textures may not be loaded correctly. Just restart without minimizing and it will be fine. (Tabbing out while loading the game itself is fine, it’s only about loading the save.)

Serpyderpy – Gacha machine textures

I could write a lengthy review on why RimWorld is a good game. But it simply is, if you want a technical detailed overview look elsewhere.

Time flies when playing RimWorld, it’s a great game even on its current EA state, features are being added and the game is being updated regularly, there is a ton of mod support adressing issues, QoL improvements or implementing things that Tynan hasn’t got around to (or doesn’t want to)

It’s really fun trying to see your colonists survive and eventually escape, the stories that come up withing the game feel organic and meaningful (even if some aspects do need tuning)

I know the price seems steep for a PA re-skin, but it’s totally worth it, it’s a genre defining game, I mean it.

This game is incredible. If you’re a fan of city builders, or survival games, and you can deal with the graphics, this game will give you hours of fun.

My longest colony went on for about nearly 8 years, all of the original members still kicking. I sent out 4 of my colonists in a caravan and a day later was attacked by a large raid and all but 2 people were wiped out, leaving 1 a vegetable. Turned my caravan back in hopes I could salvage what was left, only to get swarmed by a manhunter pack leaving noone alive. My last ‘good’ colonist went into on alcohol binge and we were hit by another raid a couple days later.

I had been playing this colony for 2 weeks, and they died in less than an hour. 10/10 would get f*cked up again.

-Named colonists after myself, wife and sons.
-stranger called Ryu asks for help and is being chased by tribespeople.
– defend against tribespeople attack but son Leo is killed after an explosion.
– Leo’s remains placed in sarcophagus (made out of pure silver) in middle of colony so his bravery can be remembered.
– Ryu has a spaz attack after a long heatwave and has an obsession with corpses.
– gets Leo’s remains out of sarcophagus and throws them outside.
-I am horrified and outraged.
– Ryu is arrested and put into a room alone with my character. I beat the living out of him till he almost dies of bloodloss.
-wife then comes and patches him up…

10/10 would name colonists after family members again

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