Stuffed Floors

MOD Desc
Allows building floors out of stuff*.

You can safely add this mod to you save games, but you can not remove it from save games. (If you really must do this, you’ll have to remove all built stuffed floors added by this mod first).

This mod does two things. First, using Architect Sense it provides a framework for modders to define their own stuffed floor types. Second, it uses this framework to create a number of new floors that are stuffed.

For players
Adds several floor types (borrowed with permission from Telkir’s More Floors, CuproPanda’s Extra Floors[] and Pravus’ Fences and Floors) in a variety of stone, wood and metal types.

Works great with other mods that add more resources, e.g. Minerals and Materials Kura’s Extra Minerals, Extended Woodworking, Vegetable Garden and GlitterTech.

This mod also organizes and where needed, removes the floors added by Vanilla RimWorld, More Floors, Extended Woodworking, Minerals and Materials, GlitterTech, More Furniture, Vegetable Garden and Floored.

For modders
Adds a custom FloorTypeDef that derives from TerrainDef, and allows modders to create floortypes by setting a texture (grayscale for best effect, will be coloured by stuff) and a list of stuffCategories to generate terrain defs for. The resulting designators will be placed together in a category, and any vanilla or other mod’s terrains made obsolete can also be provided in the XML, and will then be hidden for the user (but not removed, so it won’t break save games).

While this mod will happily generate more floors for any mods that add materials to the metallic, stony and/or woody stuff types, it only cleans up the floors added by mods that are explicitly supported. Any other mods that add floor types may appear as duplicates. If you encounter such an issue, please let the author(s) of said mod(s) know so that they can correctly set up their designator groups!

*: This mod doesn’t actually allow building stuffed floors. Rather, it spoofs this behaviour by generating TerrainDefs for each of the stuffDefs handed to it, and then adds them to ‘DesignatorDropdownGroups’ to group these terrains together and give a user experience similar to stuff selection on buildings. The way it does this is exactly the same as the vanilla tile floors (which was stolen from an earlier version of this mod), but for more floors, and all available stuff types. This mod doesn’t do anything destructive, it doesn’t make any detours, and doesn’t remove any defs. It does however remove a number of designators from the architect in order to hide them from the user.

– Telkir: Permission to use textures for many of the floors – CuproPanda: Permission to use textures for even more floors – Pravus: Permission to use textures for yet more floors – DarkSlayerEx: Original idea, texture tweaks and moral support – duduluu: Chinese translations – DoctorVanGogh: Add Extended Woodworking + Vegetable Garden obsoletions – Jorge Martínez: Spanish and Latin Spanish translations – Erdnussbrot: German translation

Please read this guide before creating a bug report, and then create a bug report here[]

All current and past versions of this mod can be downloaded from GitHub[].

All original code in this mod is licensed under the MIT license[]. Do what you want, but give me credit. All original content (e.g. text, imagery, sounds) in this mod is licensed under the CC-BY-SA 4.0 license[].

Parts of the code in this mod, and some content may be licensed by their original authors. If this is the case, the original author & license will either be given in the source code, or be in a LICENSE file next to the content. Please do not decompile my mods, but use the original source code available on GitHub[], so license information in the source code is preserved.


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This is version 2.7.74, for RimWorld 1.2.2719.


  • Yeah, I thought of that too and didn’t see a way to feasibly implement it other than having two options, one for listing two-tone square tiles (like how you do with More Floors’ tiles) and one for single-tone square tiles.I was just thinking another pattern, working exactly the same as the regular tiles or the circular tiles, but just four squares tiles in each game tile. (confusing…) I wasn’t thinking pre-coloured, but greyscale like everything else. I can’t imagine that would be hard to draw. I’m sure it’d just be a square with a cross separating the four quarters like the lines separating the stone blocks in stone walls.The regular tile pattern that you already have is almost ideal, I just feel it’s too irregular for the ‘clean, tidy, minimalist’ look that hospitals usually go for. It also seems strange to me that we have these fancy tiles but no plain old standard tiles, like this!
  • Fluffy’s nice stone floors are 5 stone resources and 22 work per square for 2 beauty. Basic floors are 3 resources and 19 work. Basically, Fluffy’s nice floors are 1 25. times as costly in resources and 1.12 times as much in work for an additional +1 beauty per square. The basic ones are .75 times the resource cost and around double the work cost of the vanilla basic floors. So, the basic floor is cheaper in resources than in vanilla and costs the same in work as a vanilla pretty floor. I agree with Fluffy that it makes sense for fine floors to take longer to make: creating pretty patterns, giving them more polishing etc. Having them cost loads more in resources as well doesn’t feel reasonable; a little more (as Fluffy’s already do), maybe.(Incidentally, the crazy paving floor seems to be counted as a pretty floor in this mod, even though it is noted as the quick ‘n’ dirty option in vanilla. Not sure why but that’s another issue. Maybe that’s just differing tastes.)
  • pottedfrog, Sagon; I think what you guys are seeing is it just ‘snapping’ to the first material in the list. I’ve recently filtered down the list of allowed materials to only those materials that are actually available for you to build with, so you will indeed not see a selection menu in an early colony. Once you have some different stones, you should get the menu (this should be similar to the vanilla stuff selection). Since I don’t want to completely hide the designator if there are no materials available, I just use the first theoretically valid material to ‘skin’ the designator if nothing is actually available. For stone, this is apparently jade.Flambe; Interesting. Have you considered integrating with stuffed floors? It should be quite simple to set up your brick textures with your new ‘bricky’ category. You may have to remove the existing bricky textures in my mod for that to work nicely, but that’s easily accomplished with an xpath patch or two.
  • I’ve been poking around looking at some of the numbers. In vanilla you have the quick ‘n’ dirty option of ‘flagstones’ (can someone please explain to Tynan about crazy paving? Or is this a US/UK terminology difference I’m unaware of?) costing 4 stone resource and taking 9 work. You then have tiles, also 4 stone resources but taking 19 work for 1 beauty per tile. Fine tiles are then 20 stone resources each and taking 84 work for giving 3 beauty per tile. So, fine tiles cost 5 times as much in resources per square AND 4.4 times as much in work for an additional +2 beauty. Compared to a basic flooring, they cost 9.3 times as much in work. With carpets, a basic one is 7 cloth per square and 14 work for 2 beauty. Fine carpet is 35 cloth and 67 work per square for 4 beauty. So, fine carpeting costs 5 times as much in resource cost AND 4.8 times as much in work for an additional +2 beauty per square.

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