Deep Core Miner A16 – Glitter Tech Addon

MOD Desc
An addon for deep core driller that adds Titanium to the list of minable items.

Note: Make sure this mod load after both the Deep Core Driller main mod and the Glitter Tech Mod, or else unforseen consiquences may happen. Or it might work. Just be safe with it.

Also Note: This mod requres one of the versions of Glitter Tech to function correctly. It can be either the standard version or the no surgery version. Since there are multiple versions that could be used, I have removed the workshop required dependancy.


What is required to run this mod?

The Deep Core Mine mod along with the Glitter Tech mod.

What is the installation instructions?

Subscribe to the mod. Activate the mod. Make sure this mod is loaded after the Deep Core mod and Glitter Tech mods are loaded.

What order should this mod be loaded in?

After the Deep Core Miner and Glitter Tech mods.

Known compatability issues?

None so far.

Can this be used with old saves?

If the old save had Deep Core Miner and Glitter Tech mods in it, yes. There were no issues adding this mod to an old save with those mods installed.

Okay, I have played this game for 1,159 hours since Dec 2, 2016, really great and enjoyable game. I do not regret spending this long on a game, because it is to much fun! This is one of the games where none of the playthroughs is the same everytime. You always get a new game, with new events, and new triumphs. You can lose in many different ways, and most of the time, you don’t even get mad.

I had a 12 man colony running around, prevailing from the darkness, when a mechanoid raid came. I got 10 of my people together to fight off a centipede and scyther, to no avail. Every single one of those colonists fell down dead or near dead. I went to my last resort, the ten year old, harmless little girl. She picked up a rifle and started blasting holes through them, with all of the mechanoid bullets missing her. Then it all stopped, the gunfire and screaming has ceased. The girl has fought off a small, deadly metal soldier, and a giant metal machine, 4x the size of a bear with an energy minigun, when another 40 something colonist sat inside and drank tea, because ‘they don’t condone violence’.

I had a bustling colony of about 7 people, when it happened, the research to finish the ship has been completed. I got all of my resources together to build this giant hunk of metal, that will finally get us off of this nightmarish planet. One by one the pods were made, each going to accomadate a colonist soon, when a massive pirate raid came. It was nothing like I’ve ever seen! They were here to give us a farewell party, uninvited. I had one pod left to build, and that’s all that was needed to get us off of the rock. Luckily, I had set up a steel barrier around the ship for this sort of thing. My builder got to cracking while my other colonists were cracking the raiders. A few of my colonists fell, none of them dead yet when it was finished, the last pod. I made all of my colonists pick up the fallen ones and carry them to their respective pods, leaving the door open for speed. That is when I saw it, a raider with a doomsday launcher that slipped through the door, aiming at us, the ship, our salvation. They all blasted off of the rock, just in the knick of time, a tick before he shot the rocket. Nobody knows where the colonists went, maybe a fancy glitterworld, or a awful urbworld.

Moral of the story… This game rocks

I seriously recommend RimWorld. I purchased it almost a year ago and I can say with confidence that every penny that I’ve spent on this game, I’ve earned back. Every time that I launch RimWorld, I prepare myself for a roller coaster of emotions. The stories that this game has produced always enthrall me, and I’m always inclined to play just one more hour so I can see how my colony develops. I’ve surpassed hundreds of milestones I’ve set for myself and have spent real days watching my colonies grow and prosper. On top of the captivating gameplay, RimWorld is also a very well-optimized game. While playing completely vanilla (i.e., unmodded) I can easily run the game at 60 FPS on my Surface Laptop 2. It’s also enticing to those who travel a lot because an internet connection is not required to run the game! I’m happy knowing that anywhere I am, I can boot up RimWorld and get lost in a world of my own.

On top of the extensive stock gameplay, the modding community is vast and active. Every day a new mod is produced and available on the workshop that you would just love to see in your next playthrough. The spectrum for the category of mods is endless as well, ranging from simple quality of life (QoL) mods to complete overhauls and transformations of the Rim as you know it. There’s also a lot of mods to fit every niche. During my dozens of hours browsing the workshop, I’ve seen Mass Effect, Halo, anime, Star Wars, Call of Duty, Minecraft, WW2, WW1, Warframe, Lord of The Rings, and so many more-themed mods. And once you start modding, its not too long before your mod list exceeds 100, then 200, then 300, then 400. Currently, I play with 487 mods. My game can barely run so many different mods on my low-end laptop but I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Not to mention the fantastic community. With community hubs across several mainstream platforms such as Reddit, Discord, and Twitter, the community always welcomes newcomers with open arms. I remember coming in clueless as to how to have a successful colony in this game and veterans of the game were quick to list out tips and tricks and link to helpful guides and YouTube videos. The friendliness and excitement that the players of this game is something I have not seen in any other community.

In two sentences, RimWorld is simply astonishing. Simply worth a purchase.

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