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Rimtweaks v1.0a
RimTweaks is a collection of quality of life patches and additions. The goal was to reduce some of the mod clutter that was piling up in my list. I started with a few quality of life changes and, as I read through more of the code and played the game more, I started to make changes here and there. Bulk recipes were added for stone blocks and smelting slag. Research and a recipe was added for Glitterworld Medicine. Cutting Stone blocks skill was returned to Crafting. Power use was reduced in a lot of things after I got sick of spamming solar panels and batteries everywhere. Facilities were altered. Recipes changed. Things that didn’t make sense were fixed (for example, eating human meat was more traumatizing then eating a corpse…not sure about you, but I’d freak out more gnawing on a leg than eating a slice of one). Raids are increased a bit, as are manhunter packs.

Nothing was removed from the game. All of the annoying things are still there, but some of them are made less annoying. A few things were made a little easier/ more convenient. Other things were made more challenging, and others just fix things I felt weren’t right with the game (another example: the penalties for living in a hot environment were more severe than those for living in a cold one. I made them even.).

Here are more examples of some of the changes:
-Crafting Stone Blocks now uses the Crafting skill, Skill Learn Factor increased
-Added bulk recipe for Stone Blocks
-Smelting Slag now produces 25 Steel
-Added bulk Slag smelting recipe
-Component recipe reduced to 15 Steel, Work Amount reduced to 1000
-Components and Advanced Components now stack to 75
-Changed Vitals Monitor recipe to 150 Steel and 1 Component from 180 Steel
-Vitals Monitor no longer needs to be adjacent to bed – Max Distance of 4 tiles away
-End Table Max Simultaneous increased to 2 (because double beds exist)
-Made Dressers store Apparel
-Standing Lamp power consumption reduced to 15 from 75
-Sunlamp power consumption reduced to 1500 from 2900
-Vitals Monitor power consumption reduced to 75 from 150
-Increased river spawn chance
-Increased Steam Geyser spawn chance
-Slightly increased Ally Visit chance
-Increased Orbital Trader chance
-Increased Raid chance

See the changelog included in the About folder or Github[github.com] for the full list of changes/tweaks made. The Change Notes here weren’t large enought to hold the list (plus the formatting sucks).

The patches are all fairly compartmentalized. If there are tweaks you don’t want (ie. the Thought Memory Room Stat changes), you can just delete the corresponding patch xml and the rest of the mod will work fine as is.

If anyone would would like ot suggest more tweaks or contribute please feel free.

Thanks to Nightinggale for the awesome ModCheck.

At one point the settlement had as many as twelve colonists, but bad luck dwindled the number down to three, only one of which was among the original survivors. I considered her to be our leader.

It’s winter, one of my dwellers is hospitalized from a previous raid and has a deadly infection. I had our leader tending to him and administering treatment while our hunter was outside trying to replenish our dwindling food supply.

A warg proved more than our huntress could handle. She began trying to run home, but was too slow and was struck down. Our leader was already running out to save her, getting shredded with deadly claws but managing to barely kill the warg.

She dragged the hunter back to the shelter and laid her down in the bed. She bandaged her through foggy vision and gushing wounds, then lay down in the bed next to hers. The pain became too great, and she fell unconscious.

Our other settler’s infection had gotten worse, but he had just enough energy to walk and care for his leader’s wounds. She needed to eat or she’d starve, and on the way to fetch her some food his infection proved too great. He died in the front doorway, food in hand.

The leader awoke, completely paralyzed. She looked to her right, and saw the hunter had died in her sleep.

The leader lay there, starving and unable to move. She remembered every face she’d known through the hard years of survival. She remembered her first friends, beloved pets, and her lost husband. She remembered the grueling hardships they’d endured together. She wanted to weep, but hadn’t the will.

And then she slept, never to awaken.


These little characters will make you fall in love with them and their interactions, and they form their own stories as you play.

Then they ing die.

Imagine DF, but made for normal people and not savants. If you wanted to play that kind of game, but were turned off by graphics and interface, this is the best alternative. More steamlined, but hey, not everyone has 15 years to add obscure mechanics. And if you feel like you want more content, there are always mods to add new stuff or alter the gameplay.

This game is best described through random stories, as it is pretty much it – generator of stories. You do not play it to win (although you should try – just don’t read all the stuff about raid mechanics and killboxes, it spoils the fun and makes it way too game-y), you play it to experience stories, with different endings.

My best run had an annoying colonist who was a great all-round worker, but had a terrible personality: he taunted everyone, got into fights, but close to the planet escape (which is the end goal), he made peace with everyone and married another colonist, my personal favorite. They’ve successfully escaped the planet, along with every other colonist and everyone’s favorite dog.

My worst run had a bypassing sheriff seeing a dying colony of mine, rushing to help and save the last two colonists, only to kill one in a psychotic state day after due to the horrors he witnessed and passing out shortly after. Remaining colonist, running away from the incoming pirate raid, escaped the colony on his two only with a bit of food and his rifle. and had completely forgotten about our loyal pet wolf, which was left inside and got burnt alive by pirates that lighted up the base instead of breaking into. I am sorry, Richard, you were a good boy.

What not to like? Your every run will be unique and filled with stories like these, could tell them forever. Base game has plenty of variety to keep you occupied, and once you try everything, there are mods to deliver even more.

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