Hunters Use Melee!

MOD Desc
Hunters Use Melee! A small mod that allows hunters to make use of melee weapons to do their job as well as ranged. As simple as that ๐Ÿ™‚

It is also safe to add or remove from a savegame. The mod doesn’t make lasting changes to the game.

Now featuring!: Support for non-weapon hunting (using fists) and for Simple Sidearms, a mod I highly recommend ๐Ÿ™‚ Both are optional and can be enabled in the new mod settings menu.

About This is a complete and original reimplementation of the concept set forth by ‘Melee Hunting’ made by LockdownX7 and maintained by Keeper.

Keeper’s version still uses the old detours method (pre-Harmony method used during Alpha).
This mod however uses Harmony and tries to be as minimal as possible, to run as clean as it can.

Supported Versions and Requirements This mod is made for RimWorld 1.1 only and requires Harmony 2.x

Source Code and Mirror Github Source Code[]
Download Mirror[]

Special Thanks Thanks to all the helpful people over at the RimWorld Discord who have helped me a lot.

Have you ever wanted to run an interstellar cocaine mafia that turns it’s prisoners into hats? then this is the game for you.

I feel like this is one of the best games out there and games like this is the main reason why I’m a PC gamer. While the AAA gaming industry is doing it’s best to screw over its audience and make money Rimworld delivers a difficult but nuanced and satisfying experience. I have seen poor reviews of the game in magazines but the writer clearly did not invest time into it, it doesn’t take long to learn the game but it can get weeks to master it. While the vanilla game is fun the modding community really comes together to make this an amazing game. How amazing? It’s almost impossible to begin, let me explain one facet of the game;

After developing my colony and defenses my captured raiders would be forcibly volunteered into indentured servitude. Organs and limbs are a privilege for well behaved prisoners as they are forced to plant and harvest cocaine and weed for me to sell to passing spaceships and tribal peoples alike. Prisoner misbehaves? he will be harvest for resources organs sold on the black market, flesh tanned into leather and meat turned into soylent greens for prisoners to wear and eat their loved ones. Too old or developing health problems in the free workers camp? limbs, eyes, jaw etc removed, loaded into a drop pod and launched into the wilds, sure I could feed him to his friends but I like to send a message. That Stockholm syndrome kicking in and they decide to join the colony? those wooden legs and arms get replaced by cutting edge bionics to eat lavish meals and fornicate to their hearts delight.

Would recommend 10 hats/10 prisoners

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