Rimefeller PRF Automated Autoclave

MOD Desc
When PRF Revived added an auto-fermenter for automating the beermaking process, I realized it could be altered into an automated autoclave for automating Rimefeller’s process for curing plasteel and composite.

auto auto auto auto.


Extremely steep learning curve but also extremely amusing.

My first game lasted just shy of 3 days. My ship wrecked survivors started building a small habitat to share and sleep in near what I thought was an abandoned structure, as there tend to be a few on every map. The structure was made of steel walls, and my survivors wanted a steel house. They tore down one section of wall only to discover ancient slumbering death robots which poured forth and quickly filled my survivors full of holes. Did they kill my crew? No… they blew off limbs, punched holes through torsos, and then let them slowly bleed to death as the robots systematically destroyed everything they had built. The one creature they did kill outright? The pet dog. And they made sure to do it in front of the crew before any of them had bled out.

10/10 Would unleash sadistic murder bots again.

One of the great games which worths paying for full price.

Bought the game on the first day released on Steam, start playing since A14. Donno what to do when I first playing the game after they added a tutorial on A15. After that still lots to learn, I search every wiki and walkthrough, tried lots of map, dead loads of time. um…few months passed, I still put all my time non stop playing Rimworld everyday…Your friends and family may gonna hate this game…

I also a big fanz or Prison Architect but they are nothing similar. Both are so fun to learn how to play and build better bases to live/survive. I love it still on early access cos they keep updates every few months. Recommend to all who loves simulation and sandbox games. And…dont keep loads of animal/pet in your colony…

Still my favourite game on 2017, I really hope it will gets some awards.

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