MOD Desc
Updated 4/16/2020 with less frequent crafts chat, and added German Translation.

Pawns will often chat about skills they both are passionate in.
The less skilled pawn will then gain experience in that field.
If the difference is high they will chat more often and will gain more xp by chatting about that skill.
Also pawns that have shared passions and chat about them will like each other more.

Xp gain respects the daily XP limit in regard that xp gain is reduced if the pawn acquired the points themselves regularly.

You can run this mod with an existing save game. Removing might give problems though.

Pairs really well with the Level Up! Mod by Krafs
As well as Interaction Bubbles Mod by Jaxe

German Translation Courtesy of Paradies! Thank you so much for the contribution!

Original Author: YodaDoge
Original Mod Workshop page:

  • After testing, I’ve found there is a good mix of normal ChitChat and Craftschat. I will not be adjusting the current version. Ensure you’re using the workshop version vs the github version. Also, I’ve released a mod that should allow you to clear your pawns social/log to enable you to safely remove mods that add to those logs. Get it and follow the directions. Basically, Subscribe and enable the Empty Pawn Log ModLoad your save with it enabled (load anyway) Pause the game, Open debug menu and clear the pawn logSave as something else (game name+Test or something like that) Exit to main menu, disable old craftsmanship, See if it’ll let you load your newly renamed game.If it does, you should be safe to get the new version of craftsmanship. If this does not work, I do not know what approach to take, you’re on your own lol. Good luck everyone!
  • Currently seems to be spamming the log, just an FYIKeep getting this:15% chance to get SharedPassion CraftsChat?5Verse.Log:Message(String, Boolean)Craftsmanship.InteractionWorker_Craftschat:GetSharedPassion(Pawn, Pawn)Craftsmanship.InteractionWorker_Craftschat:RandomSelectionWeight(Pawn, Pawn)RimWorld.c__DisplayClass20_0:b__0(InteractionDef)Verse.GenCollection:TryRandomElementByWeight(IEnumerable`1, Func`2, InteractionDef&)RimWorld.Pawn_InteractionsTracker:TryInteractRandomly()RimWorld.Pawn_InteractionsTracker:InteractionsTrackerTick()Verse.Pawn:DMD?-841063808::Tick_Patch2>(Pawn)Verse.TickList:Tick()Verse.TickManager:DoSingleTick()Verse.TickManager:TickManagerUpdate()Verse.Game:UpdatePlay()Verse.Root_Play:Update()
  • Dragonheart013 is a bit closer to the truth than I implied. I re-enabled the mod and watched my two researchers for a while. After two full days of being stuck in a room all day, they had 1 (one) instance of Chitchat and 2 (two) instances of Deeptalk. Every other instance of conversation was from craftsmanship. I am not running any other mods that could possibly affect social interaction afaik since psychology hasn’t been updated for 1.1 yet and that was the only social mod I had in the past.
  • I don’t know if you’re only taking over to update the mod for 1.1 or if you’re willing to make tweaks but with this installed the only thing my colonists talk about is the craftmanship. They don’t seem to interact at all in other ways even if they have no passions in common. No chitchat, no insults, etc. When I disable it, conversations go back to normal. I want to like the mod but if it replaces all other conversations I can’t bring myself to use it.
  • thank you so much. This mod adds so much flavor and brings more life to my colony. Plus my colonists get more leveled out! Of course Tanya doesn’t stay at 0 melee if she’s best friends with my best brawler ๐Ÿ˜€ it *feels* like it’s kinda OP because I do have Level Up! installed, so I find out every time someone levels up because of Craftmanship. But I’m not sure yet if it *is* OP. Either way I’d rather have this mod enriching the lives of my colonists.

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