MOD Desc
You want to make buildings impassable ? Well then you came to the right place

This mod searches the entire database of furniture and gives you the option to make them impassable.
Should work with pretty much every mod.

Default option is that no furniture is impassable.
Check out the mod settings to change that.

Making beds and chairs impassable will result in them not beeing able to sleep and eat.
This will make them impassable for you as well as your enemies.

Preview: Allet

Great game with a lot of content, a very enjoyable experience overall.

However some of the mechanics make it really frustrating when you lose. There could be many reasonable endings to a colony, but an elk herd hunting down all of your characters is not one of them. In general, some animals are way too powerful compared to the human characters. Almost all animals are faster (which means they will most likely get your characters involved into a fight) and they are much more resistant to knock-out and do more damage than a human with a knife or even a gun. Animals literally go on a hunt for your characters at times, and unless your entire colony is ready to fight you cant fight them off and they kill everyone. That is entirely unrealistic and unexpected, so it is really frustrating when this becomes the end of a colony. Animals can be fast and deadly, but then the humans should be able to hit 90% of the time when they are fighting in close range. And an entire herd taking ‘revenge’ on every character on the map, literally hunting them down like heat seeking killing drones, stronger, faster, more resistant … elks. Or sometimes even hares or a fox.

Its a Masterwork!
You could play ton of hours and never get bored, there are a lot of events and dangers that could happen to your colony like: raids, weather changes, heat and cold, Mechanoids, Hives of Alien Bugs, and more i didnt discovered yet!
And every colonist has his personality, skills, and backstory! You can do operations on them to improve or subestitute a body part by giving him a bionical arm, leg or eye and some brain wires…
Or you can make prisioners and sell their organs hehe…
Or cure a disease…
Or help somebody walk again with a peg leg…
Or stop an infection by chopping the infected part off…
Or you can make a cyborg…
Many choices you have, not only at the operations!
You can make your own strategies on the battlefield and make a very painfull defense on your base…
You can heat up a room so hot that the raiders burn!!
Or make it so cold so the freeze to death!
Or make a self destruct… Nah!
But all those choices have a consequence… some dont… You may be lucky

Oh! and make sure to feed your people, keep them healthy and bring them joy, or theyll go insane!

I put 56.5 hours in this game in my first two weeks. I skipped sleep twice in that time to play this game more.

I’ve only just recently broken 325 hours, sent two (maybe three?) colonies to space, and to be honest I think I’m hitting the ends of what this game can offer, even with mods. That’s a very respectable time for a $30 game, and I have no regrets. With 1.0 out, there’s nothing much left to look forward to because I’ve seen all the events in the game. I doubt there will be any major content updates in the future, but I thoroughly enjoyed my time playing.

Once the feeling of exploration is gone the game starts to become a little bit stale. I’ve seen every item in the game. I’ve seen every event in the game. I’ve seen the same colonist’s name and backstory dozens of times. I’ve seen every biome in the game. I’ve seen every animal in the game. I’ve seen dozens of mods and everything that they have to offer.

Overall, while I played the game it was a 10/10 experience, but I am sad to let it go. If you are hesitant to jump in, make the leap, and do yourself a favor, try to figure things out for yourself before you look them up.

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