Dragonian GaramRace

MOD Desc
This mod is Dragonian race that porting to Garam race addon. (Approved by original moder)

original mod author :

original mod link :

This mod need Garam race addon mod

Playable Dragonian
– Appeared only wildman and wanderer
– Good at melee combat
– Strong Body (resilience, resistance)
– Low working speed, high yield
– Can milking, shearing
– With old, thier body glown
– facial (Female Adult only)

Difference from the existing Dragonian
Men’s Dragonians can wear necklaces and hats.
Some of the men’s clothing is merged with the women’s clothing.
Necklace treated as a belt (can be used simultaneously with other belts)
Dragonian milk is consumed more frequently for joy.
Added Garam only feature
– Size changes by age 0 – 4 – 11 – 60 (common)
– Women changed their appearance when they were 4-11-60.
– Men changed their appearance when they were 4-11 (60 years old change size only)
– Women look to the side, but men don’t have that function
– For women, youth (11) – adults (60) have facial expressions
– No facial expressions for men and child
– A workDisables is imposed on the backstory and race setting itself
– There’s a possibility that due to technical problems, may slave can’t appear. So add wanderer join event

If you transfer from Steam version, the character becomes transparent, and the backstory, pawnkind, and body become strange. You can fix it by using Character Editor.


How change :

But be careful. It’s actually more like making a new pawn. Therefore, relationships and abilities can become strange. I recommend making a new save if possible.

Special Thanks :


Play on normal.
Design a colony.
Try to construct your colony.
Watch everything burn to the ground, and lose all of your colonist to ‘minor’ bug infestation.
Get mysterious stranger join the colony, who sadly gets eaten just as well.

Mod the game.
Play on Merciless – Randy.
Survive +60 days, get attacked by three separate squads of androids, while your whole colony is still slowly recovering from previous two raids, that happened within last 2 days.
Somehow beat the attackers, while suffering heavy losses. Plenty of sweet loot, including whole Marine Armor sets with LMGs, grenades, Assault Rifles etc.
Few days passes, several cargo drops arriving from outer space, giving some re-creational drugs to lighten up the mood. Someone goes on drug binge, and smokes half the stuff you just got. Yeey.
Your main powerline short circuits, leaving whole base without any power, due to solar panels not producing eletricity during eclipse, and wind turbines producing enough juice to barely keeping food from spoiling, but not heating rooms during winter.
Infestation straight to your barracks, leaving proper resting locations off-limits. Whilist fighting against bugs in 2-wide long hallway, one of your colonist, who has grenades equipped, decides to toss one at the bug that’s biting your front line melee. Grenade flies on top of your fighters, killing one and injuring several others, leading to bugs overrunning the whole colony.

Randy Random, I like your moodswings.

Somehow compelled to write this review with 666 hours in this game (at time of writing). I did take a hit of Luciferium last night, but I’m sure it has nothing to do with it.

While it’s easy to make comparisons between the graphics of Rimworld and its other strategy, base-building, sci-fi, space western, colony management, survival, emergent story-telling counterparts, what’s difficult is describing the ability of the game to bring you down to its level, and more appropriately, the level of your colonists (or slavers, outlaws, tribespeople, royal court, androids, nomads – depending on your chosen mods and/or playstyle).

Rimworld has a wonderful ability to draw you into the daily routines (or lack thereof) held by your characters, empathising with their every struggle and triumph, every problem and solution, every social impasse and eventual catharsis. Their two-dimensional sprites become fleshed out representations of people, though some are ‘quirkier’ than others. Each colony I play becomes a group of people I ruefully have to say goodbye to when the time comes, whether that’s by unrecoverable downfall in the world of the game, or the game/mods have been updated and it’s time to start afresh.

That connection developed over the course of a colony’s lifetime, however brief at times, is something which does not develop with just any game – that’s why Rimworld holds a special place in my collection of games and comes with my recommendation for anyone who would value the same.

So it started out alone, just a fancy rich explorer out to site see on her own. After building a rudimentary base she met a wandering mercenary who decided to help her and settle down. Not long after they fell in love and were married. One by one thier little outpost grew from wandering warriors to escape pods crashing down. All was well until one of those escape pods let out a wounded man call Obrian. He was very helpful at first, a very good cook who was loyal and true friend to all. But he had a secret. Lying deep inside his mind was a weakness built in to psychological tremors.

A few months go by, rain and heat. Storms and raids. He weathered them all until a mysterious whisper crept into his mind. Slowly after several days of fighting his urges, he finally broke. In a berzerk rage he attack Merc and beat him to death. This lead to his wife Lumi shooting Obrian and incapacitating him. Mourning her husbands death she went to bed that night with another female friend for comfort. In the morning they euthanized Obrian because he was still on the edge of breaking again. Then suddenly Lumi was the one to break. Maybe it was the grave made next to her bed, or the strange friend sleeping next to her, but she went on a rampage and shot everyone. Unable to bear any of it anymore, she went and attacked a boomalope hoping to die in a sudden explosive death, but was instead knocked unconsious as she slowly died to the elements.

No I didnt make this up, I was genuinely sad when Merc died 🙁

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