Expando Zone

MOD Desc
Adds a new type of zone which will automatically expand to fill its enclosing room. Idea by irunonhellfire.

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Direct: http://merthsoft.com/RimWorld/ExpandoZone.zip
Source: https://bitbucket.org/merthsoft/expandozone

I got the game when it was still new and was a lot cheaper. I don’t know if it is worth 35$ (and i’m not sure how frequent sales are) but it is actually a really good game and with the addition of workshop mods the amount of gametime yo ucan get out of it is almost unlimited. You don’t sit back and watch your colony do tasks; because you actually get involved and with the small scale of the scenario it’s really possible to micromanage everything. Lots of different difficulties and modes to fit what kind of game you want to have and mods just add more to (more people, more gear, more buildings, more stories, more gamemodes, etc). It’s a lot like Dwarf Fortress but with space colonization and graphics. I’m just not sure about the 35$ price so try to get it on sale.

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