Kidnapped colonist camp

MOD Desc
Reveals the location of a kidnapped colonist prison camp.

7/28/19: added a spy offer to fix rescued colonist turning hostile, increased base chance of the event, and added a mood buff to the rescued colonist

Just a quick note:

I have played this game for at least 1000+ hours. I bought this game back in 2013 when it was in its baby stages of Alpha and I have loved it since. This has always been my most played and favorite game of all time. Its just that damn good. But now, lets get on with the real review.

Rimworld is game where colonists, typically three, are stranded on a seemingly deserted plot of land on a random planet after their ship crashed. You need to build a base, get better guns, and get more supplies to survive an onslaught from deranged tribes or blood thirsty pirates.

This game is just utterly outstanding. Everything about it is perfect. Firstly, the art style fits the game perfectly. It is the perfect mix between realistic and cartoonish. The gameplay is utterly brutal. I have died hundreds of times due to a raid being so bad that everyone dies. Depending on the location you choose, it can be easy or difficult. Winter biomes are unsurvivable, and desert and grassland biomes are very survivable. The in game events are just brutal. Sometimes the difference between life and death is that heat wave which spoiled all the food in your freezer because your ACs just can’t keep up with the heat. The trading system is good, although could be a little better. The pricing system of the game is just hilarious. It is crazy that the devs are charging $400 to be a pirate. Do not get anything other than the $30 version, as it is all you will need to play the game. Other than that, this game has no flaws.

Now I have, as you can see, gotten worn out on this game. I haven’t played this in at least six months. That does not mean I am not coming back to it, but I do want to wait a while, maybe evn until it is out of early access, I don’t know. All I know is, if you have not played this game before: BUY IT NOW!

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