Legiones Astartes: SRTS texture

MOD Desc
this mod changes texture of some of SRTS ships.

Pelican > Sokar pattern Stormbird

Phoenix > Hell Talon

as you see above for now only Pelican and Phoenix are changed. don’t even know myself when new texture are done,

but there are more to come, so stay tune!

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Legiones Astartes: Primarch

I love this game! It’s like if Dwarf fortress and prison architect had a baby.
A truly fun colony simulator game with a great story generation system that makes you get attached to your colonists.Lots of great mods that add layers to the game, such as bathrooms and nuclear power, aliens, oil drilling, automation, and more that I’d consider Necessary, such as run-and-gun.Pretty good music
A few Serious Cons:

1. This game has SERIOUSLY POOR PERFORMANCE. There is a list on reddit and the forum, regarding issues, mostly pawns job searching even if their isn’t a reason for it. Firefighting is a great example. Normally fire in games is a state, using a flag or global variable to tell the pawns that a fire is broken out. Normally a game would have a fire event, the job system would be notified, and the assigned pawns would drop what they’re doing to fight the fire.

In rimworld the pawns needlessly check for fires even if their is none.
This slows the game considerably in the late game.
This is evident with other job priorities, if a pawn is Idle it checks constantly, rather than the job system alerting the pawns, resulting in the game slowing down if a pawn is idle.
It is NOT multi-threadeded as far as I can tell. This considerable limits the amount of colonists and other pawns you can have at once. This is also a serious problem for loading and parsing the XML files when the game loads. Which BTW, should compile to something like LUA, but instead the game compiles them every. single. time. the game. loads.
The game should be using multiple threads to assign jobs, path-find, and checking states.
I don’t know if the game uses graphical instancing, but hoo boy, this game takes up so much ram, I’d assume not. Which is probably why the game lags if there are too many trees/sprites. Large fires slow down the game a lot.
What ends up happening is the game will get to a point where the game will freeze/stutter indicating its doing something, which will pause all other activity. There was a mod that cleaned the save file of dead pawn records that after a point make the game stutter.
All this ususally isn’t a problem if you play vanilla, but start adding mods, and after a point the game turns into a slideshow, which considering that it is 2d and that is rather unacceptable.
2. The royalty system in the DLC is fine, but is a little cumbersome.
3. Pawns have a weird priority system sometimes, leading to long wait times on jobs.

Other than that, a really good game. Highly reccommended, but the designers need to overhaul the game to support multithreading and optimize it. I need it.

Rimworld is a steal at any price.
Every challenge is so engaging and compelling that hours fly by in a moment.
You constantly feel on the edge of collapse, and the verge of triumph.

Below is a story created from in-game events directed by the AI storytelling engine:
5504, 15th of Aprimay.
Rebar, first colonist of Bots, surveyed his handiwork. 8 finished bedrooms. 8 *personal* bedrooms.
Pure luxury.
It had been a long road since they crashed. Three hard winters and more, building this place up from the dirt.
But at last things were starting to really come together.

The next day the bugs came.

The insects tunneled up into the bedrooms. Luckily everyone was out in the fields.
We gathered to plan. ‘Ok, we’ve heard about this. Fire works best, and we’ve got stone walled bedrooms with nice wooden floors and doors. This is as good as it’s going to get.’
Rebar deconstructed a large section of his carefully laid wood floor in the hallway outside, as a fire break, then tossed a Molotov down to the nearest door. The fire lit up like a champ and tore into the new rooms. So much for luxury.

We hadn’t heard about how the bugs could mine.

They busted through a wall and poured out in a flood toward a row of surprised faces.
The fighting was brief and bloody.

We prevailed somehow, but with at least half the colony downed. That’s when the steel vents caught fire.
The fire raged into the workshop, leaping impossibly from bench to bench, out of control. It swept through the base, claiming the lives of the downed colonists – except for one who we were just barely able to grab in time.
We set up a makeshift hospital and barracks in a separate greenhouse while everything else went to ashes.

The next morning we took stock:
Three colonists upright with cuts and burns. One – the only one we could pull out of the fire – permanently bedridden with a shattered spine. It was Rebar.
We had no bedrooms.
No workshop.
No food.
No *tables*…
Just one sunlamp and some half grown crops.
That’s when the raiders attacked.

We limped into the fields and took cover behind some sandbags. Little good it did. The raiders moved fast and shot faster.
We downed one… They killed two. Our last man standing was clubbed down into the dirt, and taken prisoner.

The sounds of gunfire faded.
Inside the greenhouse, it was warm and quiet.
Rebar, last colonist of Bots, lay paralyzed on the dirt floor. Wishing he could at least dig graves for his comrades.
Wishing there was even enough left to bury.

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