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Links to all my mods including non steam versions available at: https://github.com/jaxxa/JaxxaRimworldReleaseCollection/blob/master/README.md

This Project contains common code that is used between several of my mod projects. This mod itself will not do anything without any of the other enabled.

To make it short I would definitly recommend this game if you like strategic base building games with surivival elements and a very personal touch in regards to your colonists.

You can expecte a fully personalized experience in every game you play. With how many colonists do you want to start, what are there traits and talents? Do you want to play in the desert, the tundra, rainforest or plains? How diffucult is the game in terms of events? Will the degree of difficulty raise with the development of your colony or do you want to get hit as hard as possible right from the beginning? This slight adjustments you can make befor you even started the game, make almost every an unique experience. Not that this would be needed, because, even if you kept playing with the same setup again and again, the randomization of events (portraided by different ‘storytellers’) would make every playthrough absolutly different.
Of course you will adopte a certain playstyle and strategies that are helpful in mostly any situation, like where to build a base, what research to prioritize or which colonist does what task. But you do have to adjustmens, for each biome or upcoming events. If you play in the ice biome you need somebody hunting, somebody making clothes and somebody reasearching hydroponics first. In mountainous areas you want somebody to mine for a solid base inside on of those mountains. Throughout the game you keep adapting your playstyle. What happens when your doctor dies or when there is no one left to shoot a gun? See for yourself how you get out of this dilemma.

Don´t get me wrong there are still certain weaknesses in the game, as it is true for every early access game. The late game is still a litte bit shallow in my opinion and could need a lot more than just two different kinds of endings that revolve around fighting through waves of enemies, either while beeing stationary or wandering.
Also the game lacks some basic elements that would be necessary for survival or accomodations to your base life, for example there is no water/drinking/toilet/bodyhygiene – mechanic and no ‘luxury ressources to further modify you colonist happiness in mid and late game.
Other mechanics could be a litte more ‘flesh out’. It would be nice if only reling on one meal ressource would have consequences like malnutrition, there was more to make than statues to make your base homely or operations could be performed to remove scars, replace organs with mechanical (enhanced) counterparts & different illnesses and injuries needed to be treated differently ,or fariming beeing more than just planting and harvesting, maybe the way you have farm animals could be improved true.

Knowing the developers of this game ,they could be working ,on the things stated above, right now! Ludeon Studios have provided an steady stream of new and needed mechanics, accompanied with bugfixes and rebalancing. Ludeon is a small studio and between patches sometimes up to like tree or four month can pass befor you hear about a new patch coming. But you can rely on the fact, that there will always be a new patch and that somewhere out there someone keeps working on this game and is improving it.

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