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Overview V1.1

Optional Expansion for Medical Supplements: Adds social items for use.

(Note this mod is dependant on the Medical Supplements mod to work.)

The following PDF document provides an understanding what this mod offers:

Social Supplements Notes[]

Mod Notes
There are mood alterations associated with the above drugs as relevant and in keeping with a vanilla theme as best as possible, whilst still allowing for refinement.

Research projects associated and bulk recipes provided.

Mod option to vary the base research costs by a percentage level.

Bulk recipes for the vanilla drugs: Pekoe tea, flake, yayo, go-juice, wake-up and smokeleaf joints have been added.

Save compatible (Note: You will need to reassign new drug policies if part way through a savegame to schedule the use of the above SS drugs) and mod friendly. To remove the mod you would have to remove all items introduced first.

Drug Policy Fix (V1.1); can be used to help manage and correct drugs added or removed part way through a save game. It will also sort the drug listings alphabetically.

Compatability Notes *** Subject to conversion ***

Apothecary – Can make Cayenne pepper powder, which doesn’t spoil, can be used in food recipes and to make hot sauce.
RimCuisine V1.2: Will use fruits and fungi in recipes.
RimCuisine 2: Will use fruits and fungi in recipes. Will use chilli peppers to make hot sauce.
Seeds Please – includes patch support to generate seeds/shoots/spores for plants used in this mod.
Smokeleaf Industry – Vaping products will additionally use Buds in their recipes.
Smokeleaf Industry Reborn – Vaping products will additionally use Buds in their recipes.
VCE/VPE – fruits, peppers and other items will be used in applicable recipes.
VGP Vegetable Garden: Will use fruits and mushroom in recipes. (Best putting VGP Garden before supplement mods).
VGP Garden Medicine – Some vanilla bulk recipes are not added due to potential duplication.

Some artwork revisions by Oskar Potocki.

Chinese (Simplified) translation by Maxwell.J

rar file available:

Pelador’s Discord

V1.1 Collection

(CC BY-NC-SA 4.0)

I was a kickstarter backer and have been playing this game off and on for a couple years now, glad it is on Steam now – updates are much more convenient. The game is an amazingly deep simulation, dwarf fortress deep but with very approachable graphics. The developer has enthusiastically supported and developed this title over the years and it has gotten even better with Workshop support for mods and extras. This game has given me endless enjoyment and many ‘omg I can’t believe it is 4AM already’ nights (I play on Chill/Easy because building the colony and trade is enough of a challenge without roving gangs armed with plasma rifles getting in the mix).

This is the bar for craft and attention to systems detail that I wish more games could meet – well done in every respect.

Have spent an abysmal amount of time on this game, and have used it as a story generator multiple times, other times as a creative prompt and of course playing it just for fun. This is my most played game in my Steam library, and fortunately this quarantine bullocks has allowed me to spend ludicrous amounts of time in this game.

This is easily the best game I have ever played in my 7 years of playing computer games. The price tag is a little deterrent for some, and I had a hard time justifying the price at first when most of the games I buy are on sale for much cheaper than retail price, this game seemingly never goes on sale and is a lot higher than the normal price I pay for games. I can say now that it was totally worth it, and I highly recommend it to *anyone* who has a PC.

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