Better Traders 1.0 (Legacy)

MOD Desc
FOR VERSION 1.1 Go here: Click here: Better Traders 1.1

Or carry on using this version for 1.0!

What? Improves the quality and variances of all traders in Rimworld while still keeping the vanilla trader feel.

How? Makes all Caravans, Trade ships, Settlements and Visitors have exactly 2x (Double) the stock of items and silver to trade with.

Why? – Makes traders less predictable and stale by increasing the variety of what they have to offer.
– Makes the late game trading more rewarding since others have more to offer you and have more silver to buy your 426 cloth armchairs.
– Makes hot items like components and steel more available for purchase for those insanely large late game bases.
– Doesn’t affect balance to much, since you still have to pay for the extra items. However Silver is more useful now.

Notes: – Affects all tech levels (Neolithic and Outlander).
– Does not affect the types of items for sale.
– Does not affect the types of traders that appear.
– Does not affect What traders will buy from you.
– Does not affect prices.
– Incompatible with other mods that change the ‘TraderDefs’ XML files (So not many).

I’m thoroughly enjoying the baseline game. Moving forward with adding mods. There’s a learning curve which has been a bit steep at times, and I’ve gone from ‘Oh, great, a heat wave’ followed by colony death to ‘Oh, figures, a cold snap’ followed by colony death. Needless to say, the ‘Man in Black’ has been a regular visitor. I’ve also allowed myself to get involved in other situations where I shouldn’t have butted in – aka rescues and prisoner breakouts – which had destructive impacts on my colony, but I definitely enjoy the building aspects and unique inidividual personalities (of pets as well – aka thanks for killing the Man in Black because your owner died, pet). All in all, hours of interesting gameplay and huge replayability.

One of the best games I have ever played and I am old af. Been playing it for years and I keep coming back to it, something I can only say for one other game (Skyrim). Every time I play it is a completely different experience and all the mods make for even more diversity every time. You can really create whatever sort of experience you want, whether you are looking for an intense, random chain of events that really challenge you, or a more relaxed, sustained, builder-friendly atmosphere where you can keep things mostly under control and see how big you can get before your computer explodes! A surefire top 5 of all time! Highly recommend to anyone who enjoys RTS, Survival, Base Building/Management, RPG, and way more wrapped into one!

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