Upgraded Turrets

MOD Desc
Simply adds two upgraded versions of the original turret. Giving better accuracy, slightly longer range, quicker fire rate, and higher damage. They are gained through a new technology after gun turrets.

Turrets and Costs:
Turret LV2

  • Health – 200
  • Durability – 100
  • Explosive Radius – 3.9
  • Power Consumption – 120
  • Costs – 150 Steel, 75 Stuff, 25 Plasteel, and 5 Components
  • Range – 30
  • Bullet Damage – 16
  • Burst Cool Down and Warm Up – 3.5 sec and 0 sec
  • Burst Count – 4
  • Accuracy – T:82%, S:70% M:50%, L:30%

Turret LV3

  • Health – 250
  • Durability – 100
  • Explosive Radius – 4.5
  • Power Consumption – 120
  • Costs – 250 Steel, 75 Stuff, 50 Plasteel, and 7 Components
  • Range – 30
  • Bullet Damage – 20
  • Burst Cool Down and Warm Up – 3 sec and 0 sec
  • Burst Count – 4
  • Accuracy – T:82%, S:75% M:55%, L:36%

Base Game Turrets: (For Comparison)

  • Health – 120
  • Durability – 120
  • Explosive Radius – 3.9
  • Range – 24.9
  • Bullet Damage – 10
  • Burst Cool Down and Warm Up – 4.8 sec and 0 sec
  • Burst Count – 3
  • Accuracy – T:70%, S:64% M:41%, L:22%


  • Health – 450
  • Durability – 90
  • Explosive Radius – 5.9
  • Range – 32.9
  • Bullet Damage – 40
  • Burst Cool Down and Warm Up – 3.5 sec and 0 sec
  • Burst Count – 3
  • Accuracy – T:25%, S:65% M:60%, L:45%

Other Information:
Change Notes:
Check the change notes to see the most recent changes.

Direct Link:
For those of you that can’t get it to work through the workshop, here’s this.
http://www.mediafire .com/file/nbbigopprnelex2/file

Older Versions:
For those of you that play the older versions.
B18: http://www.mediafire .com/file/qi917zga8s16i5t/Upgraded_Turrets_B18.zip/file
B19: http://www.mediafire .com/file/9fs097axwb50yk8/Upgraded_Turrets_B19.zip/file

Leion247 Modding:
If you get the direct link, I recommend joining my group. I post an announcement for every update I make to any of my mods. Also you can keep up with the progress I’m making on future updates.

The game is just a masterpiece of colony management, the game can be easily modded and played over and over without losing interest. The graphics are quite minimalistic and charming, even though it could be improved in some cases. Rimworld can be quite hard to understand when you just start playing but its easy to get better at it. Rimworld offers quite a lot of choices, if you want an organ harvesting colony or just escape by making a ship or finding one. Now the thing is, I feel like the overall world events could be improved. Most of the events that happen such as Peace talks or Caravan requests are mostly ignored, and could be improved by making it more interesting. If I was to rate this game on a scale of 1 to 10, I would give it a solid 8/10.

NB: Have owned the game since early alpha outside of Steam. Probably close to 700 hours I would estimate.

Can’t remember the last time I wrote a review, I guess I don’t feel the need to do it except in extremis. This is without doubt one of the best value-for-money games I have ever bought. The slow but steady development has left me returning again and again to each release, happily playing it for days or weeks on end. The community is awesome and the mods available are excellent.

I’m so happy that the developer gets to see their work hit #1 globally, it’s a very fitting and well deserved reward. Here’s to RimWorld continuing for many years to come. Now, back to finish removing various body parts before I send these people home.

Had this game for about 2+years now ? probably have maybe 300-400 hours in it,
Its a fantastic bird’s eye view hard core suriveal managment game, very little games have the balance of a modern dwarf fortress style game,
As it has no multiplayer you get a feel of people as they can name and describe colonists you will be seeing
as well as it has a HUGE sandbox capability and Free and easy to use editor, giving you TONs of possible content to play with.
As well as now it has the steam workshop, so the possibles to come are really f#cking exciting.

Pro Tip – always euthanize old people with dementia, they will find a way to get your colonists kill i swear.

Been waiting for a good time to do a youtube video for this.

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