Advanced Mortar

MOD Desc
Adds upgraded version of the mortar. Details are attatched as images.

For players only. Enemies won’t bring this to attack you.

Burst fire is not free.
It consumes a shell per each shot.
It’s working just like a following video.

I enjoy Dwarf Fortress. But I felt disconnected with my dwarves. Honestly, 80 dwarves in one fort, and I’m supposed to care about how my Baron feels?

Then I tried RimWorld. I got it October 20th of 2016. And. I pretty much played it for near 20 hour stretches. Until that Sunday night when I realized, ‘I have work on Monday.’

My first colony was thrown together in something of a huff as I didn’t know what I was really doing, but the game is very straightforward so once I figured things out (and the ingame helper is a nice touch, Devs. Kudos), I was grooving.

My two main colonists were a fighter and doctor, plus a crafter. They got along. All was well. Between the mining, expanding, animal taming, it all felt very easily managable. There were a few mistakes, but the colony thrived.

Until he came along. The pyromaniac. He would occassionally start fires, usually after being rebuffed by the good female doctor who had her eyes on someone else. Often this would lead to him being arrested and thrown into a cell. If the fires were set away from the compound, then that was fine.

It kept getting to the point everyone was tired of his abrasive attitude and having to put out his fires. Literally. His mood would always tank after the tribal and pirate raids, yet he seemed ecstatic when it came to lobbing his molotov cocktails at the would be attackers.

Then IT landed. An AI Core. The crafter had gone out to retrieve something, and that triggered the core. Out slothed a slow moving, minigun armed slug. Everyone went on alert and was ready to fight, armed with the pistol, rifle, and knife that remained. The fighter died in a hail of bullets. He died. Blown literally into pieces infront of the good doctor. She went berserk, broken at the sight of her lover ripped to pieces. For all of the 5 seconds of rage the slug allowed before she was mowed down as well.

The crafter turned tail and ran. Fear had overtaken him. He dashed into the recesses of the compound. The pyro had long since lost his mind, laughing and setting fires, about the colony, then in the compound. The first to burn up were the dearly dismembered lovers. The crafter tried to fight back the impending flames by was consumed.

As the slug advanced, our moronic miscreant looked to the slug, then back to the flames… It was a simple choice in his mind. The loving, warm embrace of a firey death. The single thing he loved more than anything else in his life. A deep laugh emanting from the depth of his core as he leapt into the raging inferno.

…. Meanwhile I’m sitting here watching this all unfold sipping a red bull like, ‘… THIS IS FREAKING AWESOME.’ Rolled another colony and was up till 5:30am the next day still playing. This repeated ad nasuem all weekend in a variety of scenarios, now enabled by some mods, because hey, themed plays are fun. Especially the Cannibal Run. Oh man. That was… That was really bad.

Then monday morning I show up to work looking like I’d been partying all weekend: ‘Dude are you okay? You sound like . How much did you drink?’ ‘… Rimworld.’ ‘Huh?’ ‘… I was playing RimWorld. All weekend.’ ‘Oh. Is that a game?’ ‘Yeah.’ ‘S’it any good?’ ‘… Yes. Yes it is very good.’

So that’s my review of RimWorld. The first game I have played in the last 10 years that has managed to keep me up past 2am (when I usually pass out), through consecutive days without any pings of boredom or tedium. That hasn’t happened in a very long time.

Now if you’ll excuse me? I have to plan out my Squirrel God playthrough. A mad human colonist with a bomb in his head, and ascetic tastes for squirrels. To raise them, to eat them, to create and command an army of them. And DEATH. DEATH TO ALL WHO OPPOSE US!! …. Maybe he’ll let in the occassional boom rat. We’ll see. Either way we’re gonna have a lot of fun, am I right? ๐Ÿ˜€

Best survival game i have ever played. 100% reccomend it.

– Health system is in depth but not micromanaged, includes multiple diseases and a fully working organ and limb system, and prosthetics/ bionics and your colonist’s abilities are all affected by their injuries.

– Colonists all have backstories, they refuse to do some tasks and have attributes to them, good or bad, they all are good at something and have their jobs, pawns also have relationships and may marry or hate others, you might also get crashed pawns with relationships with your colonists.

-The combat system is tactical and never simplified, different obstacles provide cover or slow attackers, things like sandbags, stone chunks, buildings, walls, and trees all play an integral part in combat

-The gun system is expansive and contains primitive weapons easily crafted that dont do much damage (bows, maces, knives), to modern weapons that can be absolutely destructive in the right hands (handguns, rifles, sniper rifles, machine guns, and explosives), all the way to futuristic weapons that absolutely decimate anything in their LOS (charge lances, and charge rifles)

-Apparel can be created from varying leathers and wool, all providing varied protection and insulation, various levels of armor also exist to protect your soldiers, from primitive armor (plate armor) to more modern armor (flak vest, pants, jacket, and advanced helmets), all the way to armor that makes your soldiers absolute tanks (marine armor, marine helmet)

-The quality system in the game augments how good an item is, depending on the skill of the pawn creating it. (awful, poor, normal, good, excellent, masterwork, legendary)

-The mood system is expansive and varied, colonists have gripes and wishes that if not fulfilled can lead to breakdowns.

-Food can be made in varying ways so you do not starve, they include: hunting, farming, foraging, cannibalism, and buying food), there are also different kinds of foods that give mood buffs or debuffs when eaten that must be taken into consideration, things like nutrient paste is easy to make and nutritious but colonists dont like it, cannibalism is liked by some colonists with the trait, but the rest are repulsed by it.

-The world system offers varied biomes fit for your playstyle, ranging from forests, deserts, all the way to ice sheets, to sea ice sheets almost impossible to survive on that include different creatures and opportunities for food.

-Resources are almost never scarce and can be mined or bought. and include different levels of rarity, things like steel will be very plentiful, while others like silver and plasteel will be less plentiful, and the rarest materials are worth a lot and will be very rare (jade, gold, and uranium)

-and personally the best, theres thousands upon thousands of mods that are all integrated extremely well into the game that achieve various tasks.

-The devs are involved with the community and are very helpful when it comes to bugs or missing features.

CONS (personal gripes mostly):

-No water system, it seems a bit weird because food is in the game but theres mods which change that

-The mood system is sometimes annoying (why are you sad we couldnt rescue your sister halfway around the world surrounded by mechanoids?)

-some events are pretty annoying (berserk, catatonioc breakdown, solar flare, and infestations)

-some diseases last way too long and are really bad (gut worms, mechanites, catatonic breakdown, and food poisoning)

-apparel can be tainted and will provide a debuff if worn, IMO there should be a machine for repairing apparel and cleaning it, or scrapping it.


But overall it is an amazing game, if you are on the fence about getting it get the heck of the fence and buy it.

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