Android Resurrection Kit (rebuild)

MOD Desc
Repair androids via craftable kits.

Updated for 1.1+, from the original here:

Introduces 3 special, somewhat expensive kits:
B-Tier Repair Kit, Resurrects T1 androids
* 5 Repair Kits
* 25 Steel
* 10 Plasteel
* 5 Components

A-Tier Repair Kit, Resurrects T1 and T2 androids
* 12 Repair Kits
* 50 Steel
* 25 Plasteel
* 8 Components
* 1 Gold

S-Tier Repair Kit, Resurrects any tier of android, reviving anything that has ‘android’ somewhere in the race name
* 20 Repair Kits
* 85 Steel
* 50 Plasteel
* 10 Components
* 4 Gold

To use, right click the item on the ground and pick the use option. Then select the dead android you want to rebuild.

If you try using a B-Tier on a T2 or higher, you’ll get a message like ‘can’t be repaired, thanks for trying’. Same applies for an A-Tier on a T3 or higher.

All items can be produced at Android Parts Workbench, and B-Tier kits can additionally be produced at normal machining table if you feel so inclined.


SpartanEsp – Spanish translation
SineSwiper – support more androids and reboot hostile pawns

9/10 worth every penny and then some.

Let me start off by saying that in a survival simulator there is a lot of ways to kill your own game. It could be too hard to the point of frustation, or so easy its tedious. Rim world exists as the whole spectrum. The game is so simple yet engaging. With progression systems that are simple and fair. But where the game truely shines it its random events. Its diverse set of tools allow you to talor the game to your own tastes creating in simple yet meaningful ways. For me Rimworld makes me care just enough about my settlers to keep playing but not feel like giving up when i loose a big colony. At the time of this review i have sunk 12 hours into it and i expect to sink at least 70+ especally with the mod support and a full releace just ahead.

9/10 – a little more shine (particularly to the ui) and rimworld will be almost perfect.

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