[JDS] Star Wars Old Sith Trooper Armor Set

MOD Desc
This mod adds Star Wars Old Republic: Sith Trooper Armor Set

~Mod Order~ The Forge – Anvil
This mod

Features: – Sith Trooper Helmet
– Sith Trooper Armor

Recommend Mod Graphics Settings – Fix your textures!

Credits: -Star Wars: The Old Republic MMORPG

Vanilla game is a beautiful story packed full of battles for survival, hard choices, and a lot of dead colonists (If playing on intense mode). However, I am not the biggest fan of story, so after my first game I put some mods in so I could make glittertech on the rim, then industrial rollers and some other blancing mods until the game was Rimfactory.

And it’s f****** amazing!

This game is dwarf fortress with great visuals, a few overcomplications cut out, and the steam workshop (to turn this game into whatever you want from it, besides an FPS).

Also, if you don’t like a certain part of the game, for example I was playing with the mod EPOE (great mod) and one of the things it allowed you to do was installing an AI persona core in a colonist’s brain. However it forced beserk mental breaks about every 3 days. I was able to just find the file and with a bit of searching, change the value to 50 days. Game is extremely easy to make changes to, as long as you are somewhat familiar with basic coding.

A brilliant game, unbeatable graphics, fun and addictive gameplay, a word of warning though, if you are determined to play this game only do so with the knowledge that it is comparable to heroine in its addictiveness, it will happily eat through hours and days of your life. I have enjoyed watching mine spiral out of control, i wire this review after waking at 3:36pm and sleeping at 6am and my room looks like something out of crack den’s home, that has been left unwashed and untided for, several months. For this,I can only recommend if you have a record of kicking a smack habit. A typical session of rimworld will consist of, a tub of ice cream, material for, visual stimulation, and several days worth of non-perishable lukewarm rations. if you do not heed my warning on this game and find yourself, in a state of biological need, for the withdrawal process I recommend soundproof walls, to muffle all the screaming. I must leave now as my stash of tinned a goods is running low.
I’ve heard the outside was quite bright

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