Simple Ogre Race

MOD Desc
Add Giant race and dungeon crawl-like weapons. They sometimes appear in tribal factions and pirate factions.

can add to already saved game.

+ pos :

have Bloodlust trait
can eat human meat.
strong Healing Factor
strong fist
carry a lot
Working fast
immune to foodpoisoning

– con :

have Bloodlust trait and hit hard with bare hands
can’t use weapon and armors except pila, ogre weapons and some tribal stuffs.
easy to be shot
eat a lot
slow (human = 4.0, ogre = 3.6)
very slow Research Speed

load order :

Humanoid Alien Races 2.0 and JecsTools
this mod

restriction remove patch :

Thought I’d check it out, haven’t stopped playing after 4 years now (I mostly play offline so my hours aren’t even close). I usually don’t play a game longer than a few weeks. Amazing engine, play how you want, mods are fantastic and there are so many that such a ‘potato graphic’ game gets slow with all the CPU utilization. That’s honestly my only criticism I can come up with, no multicore support for the hundreds of mods that become a necessity, I can’t go back. The path finding needs a big improvement (borrow it from C&C’s 2D games maybe??) but it’s not enough to impact the game. This game is an engine and the game that’s built around it, play how you want, everyone will find something interesting for themselves!

Just get it, you’ll love it because you’ll play it how you want to and you’ll be happy with the ability to do so in such a broad genre video game.

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