No Death Cooties On Armour

MOD Desc
Colonists will no longer care if armour that’s reasonably cleanable, i.e. made of metal/plastic, was worn by a corpse.
Now updated to use xpath patching, so it should not conflict with other mods. πŸ™‚

If you prefer a manual install, here’s the github page:
This workshop entry will be updated to the current version of RimWorld as it is released. The A16 version is available for manual install here:

I mod for free, but if you want to you can buy me a cuppa on Ko-fi[] to fuel my tea addiction and give me a warm fuzzy feeling.

I bought the game.
I played the game without mods.
Felt okay. Medium. Like lukewarm food.
I died a few times during the first hours because the game can be ruthless. Then it slowly clicked because I understood how the mechanics are supposed to work. I thought the game was pretty okay. There were a few things that were rather tedious. At some point you have to craft resources that use up a lot of other resources and time. Mostly time. It stalls your process while the game thinks that you should have a fully defended base now, so it pulls out the big guns. Crafting your spaceship is a slow task. It takes up too much time, and at that point, you know the mechanics too well. You are either bored or overrun by raiders.
I finished the game. I was amused but not overwhelmed. After so many positive reviews I expected better content. You have missed something, I told myself.
So I had a look at the reviews again – and it dawned on me.
I discovered mods.
Oh boy, life has not been the same since then. The modding community is just great. It’s the best. There are mods to fix everything you dislike about the game, to enhance things – like pawn relationships, building, medical procedures, well, everything. You can play a completely new game with new amazing features by just buying that one core game.
Do I still recommend playing the game vanilla? Yes, for one run and one run only. After you entered the modding space, your life will never be the same again.
Thank you so much, dear modders. Without you this game would just be medium – with you, on the other hand, this is one of the most fulfilling and exciting games I’ve played in the last years.

>be me
>on spring break, no interruptions to be had
>grind 45 hours or so into a single colony over the course of three days
>late game raids begin to happen
>no worries I have my Turbolaser Cannon from the Star Wars mod to take care of them
>6 raids go by, nothing out of the ordinary happens
>my attention is grabbed by a flash of red in the bottom right corner of my monitor
>a group of mechanoids, at least ten of them, and a 4,000 point raid from some weird mod that looked like tribals on crack
>ten minutes go by
>I wait for my defenses to do the job, but the mechanoids had already done most the fighting for me
>out of the corner of my eye, i see some poor soul getting molested (yes literally molested i play with rimjobworld) by two scythers
>send out my best guy named Agent who is also coincidentally an Agent, but that’s besides the point
>imprison her in the greenhouse because she has like an hour before she bleeds to death
>no time to inject anesthesia, she is on death’s door
>sew her up and barely manage to save her life
>suddenly I see something terrible
>she is implanted with two things in her genitals called ‘microcomputers’
>manage to get one out while she is in an extreme amount of pain
>she blows up before I can take the last one out
>Agent lost his arm and his leg, both being burned off.
>Speedy, who was also in the room tending to him was hit in the eye by a piece of shrapnel
>mfw i just accidentally recreated MGS:GZ
>this is the greatest game of all time

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