[B18] JJ fixes RimEffect – Weapons and Armor

MOD Desc
Please tell me immediately and I will remove this mod post haste, I’ve been trying to contact you 🙁

Also too any mods, if this is against the rules please ban me for life, I just really like this mod, I have been keeping it alive for myself and just felt like people would enjoy it as well.

Either way Hello ppls! I claim to have done nothing but make this mod roughly work for future ppls to enjoy. I’ve been keep this mod alive on my own, and I hope it works for you in the same way. If there are any dead mods you want revitilized I would love to take a look at them and fix them up for more recent versions. Though I’m not very versed in modding rimworld, so if the mod contains assemblies I probably won’t be able to fix it just yet.

AGAIN!!!! I claim to have done nothing in the mod but fix it up to the current version and whatever I put in the changelog, everything else is original content by the authors that created it.

Currently the Commando Armor, the M8, and the Black widow are craftable in the Machining table as per my changes, though I’m pretty sure its not balanced, hence why I haven’t made all the weapons craftable.

Hope you all enjoy! And Thanks a ton to the authors for making really great content.

Here is where you can find the Original (currently out-of-date mod) http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=837094164&searchtext=rimeffect

To Do – Balance weapons
Give all items proper value
….make them craftable
Fix some weird interact sound bug that just popped up

There should be some yellow text popping out in your error logs, ignore it, it should cause any trouble whatesoever, I just have to figure out how to add the correct replacement.

Compatibility: I run like 200 mods and this one works with them. If there is an issue this mod causes I know nothing about it, apologies.

Old Saves: Should work fine in old saves, and should work well if removed from a game, though I wouldn’t try the latter. All it is is armors and weapons, old save problems tend to occur with factions and races not items if my memory serves me right.

Along with the Asari, humanity also began to create weapons and armors only seen in games before. Over time, they became widespreed and the origin of them has become unkown. These days, they are just normal weapons and armors for everyone. So get out there and use them!

– New armor: The Asari Commando armor. Takes nearly as much hits as an power amor!
– 12 new weapons!
– All weapons with unique textures and sounds!

List of Weapons:
– M-3 Predator
– M-4 Shuriken
– M-5 Phalanx
– N7 Hurricane
– M-8 Avenger
– M-76 Revenant
– M-96 Mattock
– M-300 Claymore
– M-23 Katana
– M-92 Mantis
– M-98 Widow
– M-98 Black Widow

Carnov (Textures)
Latta (Textures)

JJ Changelog

6/1/2018 (dang its been 5 months?!?!)

I’m a little defunk about how to implement the mattock. Its currently a triple burst rifle, but I think that doesn’t do it justice. I personally was not a fan of the mattock, but by my opinion, I thought the rifle was very accurate and allowed for consistent control to those that were willing to aim and click for every bullet.

As such, I decide to make the mattock a fast single shot rifle. In changing stuff up I decided to nerf the other rifles to allow the mattock to shine in the manner, in my eyes, accuracy. The mattock will currently be the most accurate rifle.
Hopefully the other rifles don’t fall off due to the slight nerfs in chance to hit.

The mattock has an almost 0 cooldown after firing now, and its fire rate is less than a second. I made it 0.8 as I think its a good middle ground and allows other mods or traits to improve this (aim time), and hopefully not be broken.

The mattock is now craftable

If the change is somehow not recieved well, or I’m not to happy with it later on, I might just make it a slow triple burst weapon like the widow, and leave the accuracy buffs.


Changed crafting costs to be more feasible, hopefully not OP, but based on other mods and current energy weapons its should be fine.

Changed M8 to a 4 burst from 3 and increased the firerate of the burst

Added 2 new bullet types, and made the M3 Predator, M4 Shuriken, M5 Phalanx and the N7 Hurricane craftable.

Made big changes to the M3,M4,M5,N7 so its closer to the Mass Effect universe but still relatively balanced. Im unsure if the N7 needs a buff to accuracy or a nerf to burst.


Switched InteractPistol to InteractRifle to fix sound error

Changed Blackwidow materials to Plasteel, and increased its weight as per lore reasons (wondering if having to make 2 sniper rifles to make this is too much, will have to see.)

Made Widow, and Mantis craftable, and tried to balance all 3 snipers. I balanced them more leaning toward Mass Effect and a little toward rimworld so I hope it isn’t brokenish. Looking back I’m honestly surprised how fast the upper tier snipers can fire in ME. I added a bit of warmup time to the blackwidow, but made it a slow triple burst to replicate a 3 shot thermal clip, hopefully this feels right in rimworld. The widow now should fire a bit faster but is slower and technically is outdone by the black widow. In general the mantis is lesser to those two, but maybe better than original rimworld sniper varients.

Changed all main Def blocks to ‘Defs’. It looks like with B18, it doesn’t allow people to customize their main
block name, which alot of people did in older versions. I might be wrong about this, but I’m basically following the errors and applying mediocre fixes.

Changed projectileDefs to defaultProjectile in code. I don’t know why this had to be done but *Shrug*, I guess
they changed the tag name in B18.

Changed in Asari Apparel, worngraphicPath to wornGraphicPath. Lack of case sensitivity caused errors.
Also removed commonality string completely, I’m not sure what it represents or what it should be, but its caused errors so bye.

Changed DamageAmountBase to damageAmountBase, and Speed to speed. Two other case-sensitivty errors.

Made minor tweaks in my time playing the mod. Made some things craftable, and also some uality of life changes
to make the weapons feel worth their techlevel, yet be balanced. Crafting them is probably not balanced though
needs some major tweaks probably….

Need to figure out how to make the items worth more than a few silver and balance the crafting. As well as
probably eventually make everything craftable, but not before I figure out what the balance should be.

English Version:

This is my FIRST REVIEW! Men, but that game deserves it. More than Project Zomboid I think. I’m Following rimworld from alpha 1(Just bought at the first selling hour on steam) by some methods that I’m not going to write. I’d pay more 10$ for that game, seriously. At first, I never accepted the fact that game was going to be great, or something else. Alpha 8 Changed my mind to ‘probably would’ and when come to Alpha12 I just said: ‘Steam, let me buy.’

For me, the game is a The Sims + Dwarf Fortress + Medical Tab + Sadism!

– MEDICAL TAB! I LOVED THAT . Imagine yourself stranded on a isle with gut worms, infection in your lag while you got asthma. You got this on that game.
– Social tab! Spawns get friends, get married and get brothers. Very simple and very complex at the same time.
– Constant Improvements! Every patch, half the game used to change.
– Story Tellers! You’re just ‘listening’ colony’s story.
– Animal Variety! On alpha 13, there was a bunch of animals, who increased by 6 on those patch!
– Combat System! Well, on 2D games, your Spawns get to use covers, walls, to block enemy fire. And very well done I think
– Temperature System! Nothing to say. Just the name, by the way: The Winter Is Coming.
– Prosthetics System! You Spawn lost a arm, then its the time to test those bionic arms!
– And much more.
And a truth: I never escaped from the planet, even that being the main objective… I just liked the planet who I start. even if its a glacial world
– I love that DEV. Time to use the Exploit-Free Hammer huh? :3

– Freaking hard to newbies.
– No Multiplayer (Yeah, I’d like a co-op. however, its hard to get on game.)
– Just. That.

And remember: there was just 14 Patch.

esse é o meu primeiro review, e esse jogo merece tudo e mais um pouco galera. pagaria até 10 reais mais caro sem problema. Eu acompanho esse jogo desde o Alpha1 (E só comprei hj, pq queria na steam); E não me arrependo e ainda compro mais uma key pra fazer sorteio. Vamos as analises:
– Tabela Medica: Cara, é incrível essa tabela. imagina você numa ilha deserta, com vermes na sua barriga, com infecção generalizada no braço e asma. Você tem isso aqui.
– Tabela Social: Os Personagens se casam, namoram, amam, tem irmãos, amigos e inimigos. Tudo de uma maneira simples e complexa ao mesmo tempo.
– Melhorias constantes: Cada patch, tem um trilhão de coisas. Todos bem feitos, e sem adicionar bugs escandalosos. (Os bugs existentes são SEMI Impossíveis de encontrar. lol)
– Contadores de historia: Você está apenas ouvindo a historia de uma colônia. Você sabe como ela terminou 🙂
– Variedade de animais: Já tinha muito. Depois tinha mais, agora tem tudo. Patch 14 adiciona mais 6 animais. e tem animal demais.
– Sistema de temperatura: O Próprio nome já fala. não é tão realístico, mas combina 100% com o jogo.
– Sistema de próteses: Imagina você sem braço? Então, está na hora de experimentar aquele braço biônico que você trocou por uma alpaca dias atrás no jogo.
– Muito mais;
Uma verdade: Eu jamais fugi do planeta. simplesmente esquecia que esse era o objetivo principal.

– Difícil demais para iniciantes
– Sem multiplayer (E é super difícil colocar um co-op nesse jogo ;-;)

E lembrem-se: Apenas teve 14 patch. E Mudam muita coisa.

I am here to tell you a story. A story that will torture your thoughts by day and poison your dreams by night. And though I will do my best, there are no words that can be written, nor brush strokes laid on canvas that can describe the stark and utter horror of the night that Blair decided to absolutely smelt our rations to the floor.

It was a rather frigid cold snap in the quadrum of Decembary. Our food was running low as scarce amount arctic animals existed in my temperate forest, and not a single plant would grow. The ideology behind my greenhouse failed, as a blight took over at the same time. As our food ran low, I had no choice but to feed my colonists artificial food grown in tubes. However, the colonists didn’t understand why I did this. They started to get progressively more upset with me. Colonists fought each other day after day until one day a single colonist decided she had enough.

Blair set our rations to ashes. The person who was set to only cook and clean had enough of the tube food and cold and burned what little prosthetic nutrient paste we had and went on to the nearby hallway. I awoke Tommy from his sleep and did what had to be done. She was now to be thrown in jail. I did allow for the chance to re-recruit, but she was rather upset with us for jailing her. To add on, with no one that actively cleaned even when set to only clean, the colonists grew even more upset.

However, now we had no food. More fights broke out in the colony of Blanket.
‘Get me out of here’, and, ‘Make it stop… make it stop…’ were frequent thoughts from my colonists. They were all starving, cold, and angry with the filth they lived in. Every time I butchered and cooked an animal, the food was immediately demolished. Eventually a colonist named Michael took it upon himself to eat dead animals raw, as he didn’t find it necessary to cook his food. Many followed suit.

They were fed, but getting sick and were sad that they were eating raw food.
‘Why not just take 10 seconds and cook your food?!’ one would ask. Well, the hyper-intelligent AI decided that it was time for bloody beef. Cold beef that is full of bacteria. They would rather eat decaying corpses than cook something for once.

I watched in terror as my colonists ran outside to scavenge through the few dead, frozen animals that had accumulated throughout the winter. Eventually I did learn how to get rid of blight, but it was too late. Food poisoning was just a daily thing at this point.

With all of my colonists malnourished and agitated, the final straw was the mechanoid invasion. As the robot-like creatures obliterated my turrets and animals I knew my colonists wouldn’t stand a chance. However, I had forgotten. Blair was set to recruit. Luckily, Brandon, with his high Talking skill, recruited her at the last moment. The mechanoids were already hurt deeply but no one was physically able to take them down. Brandon immediately stepped outside the prison cell and got gunned down.

It was up to Blair to save the day. I made her pick up Brandon’s weapon and charge the Mechanoids. There were three of them. Two Scythers and a big ol’ fat guy. The fat guy went down first, and the Scythers were missing shots left and right. One Scyther down. Blair, thankfully, had a near max Shooting stat.

Something happened next that I wouldn’t wish on my mortal enemy. Blair started to set our house on fire as the Mechanoids were still raiding. I could only watch as my house burned down while no one could stop Blair. Blair went down with the house.

I wept.

Ok, Ive been watching this game on youtube sice Alpha 8 and been playing it since Alpha 12. This game is amazing. (This will be a long review, so be prepared, I have a lot to say).

I was bored one day so I watched a random video in my youtube subscriptions list. It was Rimworld, Alpha 8 had just been released to there were videos about. The youtuber had done only one video as the Alpha had just came out. I INSTANTLY fell in-love with the game. I dont know why, but immediately knew this game was for me. So after the video came out, I wanted more, so I went to find other series.

When I got my new Pc in Christmas 2016 the very first game I got was Rimworld. I started a simple colony and played the game all the time. You end up getting really involved in the game and you’ll end up playing it for hours on end. (like me!)

There are 6 difficulties to pick from, so there is one for all. You pick where you want to land on the planet, keeping in mind temperature and proximity to friendly and enemy bases. You pick which colonists will crash safely to the planet, and which you will leave behind. You will need to consider the dirrerent skills and traits your colonists will have so that you will be able to have a good start. You might also have to consider the differeent relationships of your colonists so that you will not have fights. Once you land, theres no going back and you are stranded on this unknown Rimworld.

You have to build up your base to defend against pirates and angry tribes assaulting your colony, you have to sustain your colonists, which will mean creating farms, fridge’s, kitchens, and guns for hunting wild animals for food. You have to create bedrooms, to house your colonists and recreation rooms to keep your colonists happy. if your colonists are unhappy they may have a mental break which may mean giving up on life and hiding in their room or going beserk with a sword and attacking their friends. Rimworld has it all.

You will get events, these may be tornadoes, diseases or mentally insane tortoises coming to bite your best colonists foot off. Rimworld really has it all.

You can capture the raiders that tried to kill you, and take them into your colony and try to recruit them, just dont leave the prison door open… oh too late, the prisoners have guns..oh.

Your colonists can get injured and lose body parts, which you can eventually replace through surgery. You can also cut off their legs and arms intentionally and replace them with bionics to make your little colonists into death robots.

Crafting is a huge part of rimworld. You can use this to tailor clothes, smith weapons and smelt scrap metal. There is also research, this is a huge part of rimworld as it allows you to unlock new technologies to expand your colony.

Your end goal, to escape this horrible planet, you can either do this by making your own spaceship out of the materials that you have scavenged across the map or you can trek across the planet and find one.

Rimworld is an excellent game in which you can spent lots of time immersed in this world. You get to know your colonists personallities and the game creates a vivid and exiting story that you will remember. The games modding community is also one of a kind and very, very active. If you want something changed about the game, you will find a mod for that on the steam workshop.

Finally I just wanted to end by giving a thanks to Tynan for creating this amazing game that I have spent a lot of time playing. So Tynan if your reading this, thanks! And keep up the amazing work!

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