Kane’s Jukebox A18

MOD Desc
Adds a few CnC themed songs to RimWorld. Mainly from C&C RA2, C&C Tiberian Sun, Tiberian Dawn and C&C Renegade X.

Made to fit with the Tiberium Rim mod: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=868415092

Songlist per game:

C&C RA2:
Ready the Army
Blow it up
In Deep
Eagle Hunter
Hell March 2
C&C In The House
200 Meters

Renegade X:
Command & Conquer
Another Present For You
A Present for You
Full Stop
Do it up

C&C Tiberian Sun:
Deploy Machines
Dusk Hour
Lone Trooper
Link Up
Killing Machine
Mad Rap
Nod Crush

C&C Unreleased/Non released games:
C&C 80’s Style Theme

Tiberian Dawn:
Industrial One
Air strike
Depth Charge
Iron Fist

C&C Ra1

Update 1 march 2017: Added Mega download link for people who do not wish to use Steam Workshop. The Link is the A16 version.
https : // mega . nz/#!NI8TgCDD!Fak42O7Q0q6x0Q9JL5OIxXWM5c4HxxP-EK6K0ed7Bhk (steam is going censorshipcrazy, so i had to obfuscate the link a bit)

update 21 may 2017:
updated the pack to include some more C&C songs.

Update 20 november 2017:
– Updated it to A18. A17 version available at: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1206396870
– Added Tiberian Dawn songs.

Update 26 november 2017:
– Fixed an XML syntax error regarding case sensitivity (PS: Tynan, making XML files case sensitive is really like one of the most annoying things you can do)

Update 14 august 2018:
– Added Valves from Tibsun and bigfoot from RA1.

  • I only have the barest of familiarity with xml, but what I’m wondering is very simple: how do the def files work with the file path? I can see in the Core SongDefs the clipPaths refer to ‘Songs/Relax’ or ‘Songs/Tension’ but I can’t find a folder called ‘Songs’ anywhere in the RimWorld folder. And your mod obviously just uses the ‘Sounds’ folder as the root, because literally your clipPaths are simply the name of the song file. But I am really not understanding how one defines the root or even if you have to. How does the xml know where your shit is?
  • Just a heads up since the update I have gotten this error.Attempt to use string targetversion to refer to field targetVersion in type Verse.ModMetaData+ModMetaDataInternal; xml tags are now case-sensitive. XML: Kane’s Jukebox A18CrazyKristiAdds a few CnC themed songs to RimWorld.0.18.0Verse.Log:Error(String)Verse.DirectXmlToObject:GetFieldInfoForType(Type, String, XmlNode)Verse.DirectXmlToObject:ObjectFromXml(XmlNode, Boolean)Verse.DirectXmlLoader:ItemFromXmlFile(String, Boolean)Verse.ModMetaData:Init()Verse.ModMetaData:.ctor(WorkshopItem)Verse.ModLister:RebuildModList()Verse.Steam.WorkshopItems:RebuildItemsList()Verse.Steam.WorkshopItems:.cctor()Verse.ModLister:RebuildModList()Verse.ModLister:RebuildModList()
  • Verse.ModLister:.cctor()Verse.c__Iterator0:MoveNext()Verse.c__Iterator0:MoveNext()System.Collections.Generic.List`1:AddEnumerable(IEnumerable`1)System.Collections.Generic.List`1:.ctor(IEnumerable`1)System.Linq.Enumerable:ToList(IEnumerable`1)Verse.LoadedModManager:LoadAllActiveMods()Verse.PlayDataLoader:DoPlayLoad()Verse.PlayDataLoader:LoadAllPlayData(Boolean)Verse.Root:m__1()Verse.LongEventHandler:RunEventFromAnotherThread(Action)Verse.LongEventHandler:m__1()
  • OK, but if the mod’s directory is the root, why don’t the SongDefs have lines like ‘Sounds/destroy’ or ‘Sounds/link’? I think saying that I have the barest of familiarity with xml was a mistake. I should rephrase that as ‘I literally have no experience with it aside from a very small amount of exposure to its use in web pages.’ I have enough education with programming languages that I understand the concept of absolute paths and relative paths, but this doesn’t jive with my paradigm at all. I appreciate the fact that you even bothered to respond to my curiousity; I admit that this is only slightly related to your mod at all and responding to me is at best, a courtesy.

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