Crash Landing

MOD Desc
Version: 13.00

This mod changes the game start. It adds a new event, that drop a different spaceship parts on the landing site from the sky. Pods with colonists, containers with resources, engines with flammable fuel, and other useful and dangerous things. This event triggers at the start of the game, so your arrival will be much more similar to the movie crash landing. With the fire, explosions, dead and wounded people.

You will need to organize the rescue of wounded colonists and supplies. The fire will be your main enemy. It will start as small fires on the impact tiles, but quickly grow in major fire. Beat the small fires or evacuate supplies. Watch out for other dangers.

This mod tries to add a new gameplay, when you need to choose between resources and wounded peoples. And may be between wounded and maimed.

There are two new scenarios: Easy and Hard
In Easy scenario, you start with 3 healthy colonists. While some more random colonists will be crash-landing hard with little chance of surviving the impact.
In Hard scenario, your starting colonists and equipment will crash land and take severe damage. Then, some more random colonists will be crash-landing hard with little chance of surviving the impact.

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!!!——— Important uninstall issue ———!!!
Since you can create your own scenario by editing one of the crashlanding scenarios, you need to delete all such scenarios manually, before uninstalling the crashlanding. Otherwise the game fails to start any new game.

  • So I enjoy this mod a lot but I have two more thoughts:1) If I use a different starting scenario (Rich Explorer, Tribal, etc) will I still have crashlanding events later in the game?2) Is it possible to create a start that is compatible with tribals? What I mean is: when I modified it in the starting menu to begin with tribals, the other cryptosleep pods still contained colonists, who had simply wandered away instead of automatically joining. In my head I was imagining a scenario where the tribals were escapees from a slaver ship who, not understanding their captors’ technology, had simply crashed. Or, perhaps if at least some of the cryptosleep pods had a chance of carrying tribals that would automatically join you if you were tribals or wander off if you weren’t (the way the regular colonists do now). Sorry if that was long-winded; just a thought.
  • Hey there, Katavrik. I’m a writer for Start 2 Continue, a website that covers modding and game design topics along with applying game theory to life success. I recently made a list of awesome realism/survivalism RimWorld mods for people to try out and, for what it’s worth, just wanted to let you know we included your mod in our write-up. You can check it out here: Also, if you’re interested, we’re looking for mod developers to talk to and interview, simply in a bio kind of format, asking you how you started, what inspired you to make what you do, any goals or ambitions within the games industry — stuff like that. You can contact me for more details either through Steam or the site directly.But yeah, just wanted to let you know and tell you I think your work’s pretty awesome! Keep it up!
  • The first attempt was interrupted by the doc’s murderous rage. Luckily, it was precision-targeted on someone who wasn’t Taylor (though with great skills…) Unluckily, this meant the herbal medicine went to waste and I had to find another. The second time was completed, but Taylor died. She somehow lost her right *leg*.At this point, with the loss of the one colonist I refused to let die, I saved and quit the game. I couldn’t help but think, ‘This was described as the *easy* version…’ …10/10, I look forward to trying again. Next time, I’m going to use Prepare Carefully to give all three starters decent medical skills and make sure they don’t have Chemical Fascination. (If possible, I also plan to add buffs for mood and movement/work speed, but we’ll see what I can do.)I’m curious about if there’s any way to protect supplies and people against fires, beyond grabbing things and hoping the stockpile/medical spots won’t be on fire next time you get back. [fin]
  • I love this mod, except for the way it can inflate your wealth to the point of making the game unplayable.Last game: Had a decent ‘landing’ with 4 survivors and a decent set of saved resources, with a wealth of ‘only’ 55000.*Played through mid-summer managing to set up a decent starting base with nice resources nearby.Next was a secondary chrash landing that drops stuff worth another 400.000 wealth right in my base, first a set of nice appereal, then a TON of plasteel…2 minutes later: 11 man pirateraid with power armor, rocket launchers and assault rifles against my now 5 man group with a shoddy pump shotgun, a spear and a couple of knives.It did not end well for me…This was the most extreme situation I’ve had. But most games i’ve played with this mod ends up inflating my wealth to more or less unplayable levels, triggering massive high-tech raids too early.I would love a option to limit the amount of wealth that the chrash landing can create.
  • I just started up my first game with this mod. Three refugees landed just ahead of the rest of the wreckage. I tentatively tried to make preparations for a base, until the first chunks started falling and setting things on fire. After a couple of false starts, I started dragging people to somewhere relatively free of fire and trying to make things work.Things went wrong quickly. The doctor quickly found some smokeleaf in the wreckage and went on a binge. Another of the healthy three found up engulfed in fire after rescuing a couple of people, and burned in an inferno. But the third made it through the flames and found some people.A few of the colonists were deemed too injured to be worth saving, and one or two too useless, but there was one who probably fit both criteria that I decided to rescue anyways, since she was just ten years old. #3 even stopped next to a blaze to treat her wounds when it became clear that she might not survive the trip. [cont]
  • Thanks for comments and reports.1. It seems that saving the game during crash event will broke the faction. I confirm, that it is a bug. I forgot to expose data, after refactoring some code. Will fix it in the next update.2. I need to check compatibility with Fluffy`s work tab.3. Problem with medical pod, probably caused by incompatibility with another mod. Such things happen, when crashLanding tries to create an item that should not be created. I always try to add all possible items from another mods to my crashpods, and use categories and filters instead of direct items defs. But this lead to some incompatibilities. If you give me list of mod you are using, i will try to trace the problematic mod and add some filters, so it would probably work with that mod after next update.About the next update. I am working on this mod during weekends, but unfortunately this weekend i have a little free time. Dont expect update in july. Most probably 6-7 August. Sorry for that.

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