Project RimFactory 3.0 – Public Beta

MOD Desc
A compilation of all my old factory mods into one giant mod!

For a full feature description see the original mod page.

What’s new in public beta: Buildings – Industrial storage unit renamed to cargo platform for nostalgia, now shows the items in top
– Paperclip factory, produces paperclips from literally any raw matter
– Atomic reconstructor, turn paperclips into basically any item.
– Drone stations, large buildings that store up to 50 drones. Drones are capable of hauling, cleaning, building, mining, cutting plants etc
– Robotic machining table, table that forms the basis for most crafting recipes
– New bigger sized batteries (10k, 100k, 1M, 16M)
– Paperclip duplicator, slowly but surely duplicates paperclips

Research – Too much stuff here, I literally tripled the amount of research projects

Items – Robotic arms, drones
– Paperclips. Yes, Paperclips. Basically EMC from Equivalent Exchange
– X, Y and Z-Composite, new super-materials. Move over, beta-poly!

Drones – Drones are deployed from drone stations and almost always work in packs of more than 40. They self-destruct on death.

Misc – Reworked many mechanics, fixed umpteen bugs

Data disk and tape player textures by totobrother
Wood crate texture by Chicken Plucker
Robotic arm texture by Shotgunfrenzy
Drone texture by Xen
X/Y/Z-Composite and drone station texture by Scythe
Chinese translation by Dango998
Russian translation by Natsu_Zirok

Known Issues Conflict with WorkTab makes drones do tasks they shouldn’t be able to do
Some recipes won’t work with the assemblers, some of which are repairing recipes, reclaim recipes and any other modded recipes that do things to the original object

Development Discord server: – report all bugs there and stuff

  • The bug comes from a conflict with Work Tab by Fluffy ( and the error associated with it (I got this error once just before multiple drones started cooking simple meals at multiple electric stoves):RimWorld.WorkGiver_DoBill provided target Thing_ElectricStove37084 but yielded no actual job for pawn Drone. The CanGiveJob and JobOnX methods may not be synchronized.Verse.Log:Error(String, Boolean)Verse.Log:ErrorOnce(String, Int32, Boolean)ProjectRimFactory.Drones.Building_WorkGiverDroneStation:TryIssueJobPackageDrone(Pawn, Boolean)ProjectRimFactory.Drones.Building_WorkGiverDroneStation:TryGiveJob()ProjectRimFactory.Drones.Building_DroneStation:Tick()Verse.TickList:Tick()Verse.TickManager:DoSingleTick()Verse.TickManager:TickManagerUpdate()Verse.Game:UpdatePlay()Verse.Root_Play:Update()
  • The latest version is not the final version. It will probably come back to the workshop at some point, just not yet. Github is not where ‘all the cool patches’ go, it’s a tool for the benefit of the mod creator where he can also upload it for use while updating it. You are trolling because you refuse to listen to these points and insist that someone said it was a ‘good stuff site’ when nobody said that but you, and you’re encouraging others to leave negative ratings on this mod page, which does work for a different version of the game, just because you don’t want to download from github which is just as reputable as steam and the nexus. Github is not a random site that might hack you, and the creator isn’t trying to force you to download the mod anywhere, that’s just where the latest version is FOR NOW.
  • As others have been saying, this mod is really cool, and although I haven’t gotten too far into the research with my colony, I did get the storage crates and an auto-cooker up and running. It was working perfectly for a long time until one day I noticed pawns eating simple meals over a type of lavish one provided by vegetable garden, and found that my pawns hadn’t been hauling meat over to a crate accessible to the auto-cooker, despite that crate being highest priority. I changed the settings for and deconstructed the old crates containing the meat in hope that the pawns would then haul it to the new one, but they ended up hauling it to crates that I use for my non-food stuff. I don’t know if that’s a conflict with another mod or what, because it was working for a while, but in case of such situations, there should be an eject button for items in crates because I could not force my colonists to haul said meat, even though I had set the crates to not accept any.
  • Also seeing the same saving error. Looks like it can’t save the factions? I get this error for every faction in the world:Exception while saving Soverign Coalition of Terin: System.NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an objectat Verse.GridsUtility.GetFirstBuilding (Verse.IntVec3,Verse.Map) [0x00001] in C:DevRimWorldAssetsScriptsVerseMapGridsGridsUtility.cs:156at ProjectRimFactory.Common.SaveCompressiblePatch.Postfix (Verse.Thing,bool&) at (wrapper dynamic-method) Verse.CompressibilityDeciderUtility.IsSaveCompressible_Patch1 (Verse.Thing) at Verse.Scribe_References.Look (Verse.Pawn&,string,bool) at RimWorld.Faction.ExposeData () [0x0000d] in C:DevRimWorldAssetsScriptsRimWorldPlanetFactionFaction.cs:96at Verse.Scribe_Deep.Look (RimWorld.Faction&,bool,string,object[]) Only this mod is running.
  • (1/?)I loved this mod in B18 and have researched everything and built everything in my current playthrough for B19. However there seems to be a few issues and a couple changes I would suggest. When I started making paperclips I noticed they did not stack. I believe the enormous amount of items produced are using up all of my ram. As I am writing this I am trying to load my game and have been waiting for 10 minutes now while watching my task manager. I have 8 paperclip makers around a reconstructor being fed steel and outputting silver. I would suggest either making each paperclip more valuable in terms of production cost and use or allowing them to stack. Perhaps its a bug, but when I order a production of 75 it seems to create litterally thousands of paperclips. They are created so fast that the fuel loading arms can’t keep up with transfering them from the paperclip makers to the reconstructor.
  • I should mean nothing to the designer of the mod … If he was to make it so no one has access to it because I am crying about it not being here then …. it is a sad day in this world. I went to far on one post bitching and it steam rolled. I actually agree with the your point Lik that this isn’t a place for political views. Recent problems with 30ish something employees has been creating a sore spot in the back of my mind. My bitching has 100% to do with being a fan of the Mod. Being forced to download somewhere else described as the ‘cool sites’ reminds me of everything I hate about the younger generation. Protest against something via thumbs down should not be a problem unless you don’t believe in freedom of speech. The fact so many have been making me the protagonists of nothing kind of proves my point. Who cares what I say …. Hell I don’t even care so why do any of you fall into a battle over nothing in a microcosm sized forum.

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