Stuffed Workbenches

MOD Desc
This mod uses xpath patching to tweak cost lists and textures for vanilla workbenches (and a couple of extras) in order to make them buildable from various materials.
For those that already had partial ‘stuff’ support I left the vanilla textures and only added the missing stuff types.
I cobbled together shaded white textures for the rest. Sadly the brewery was much too busy to get a decent base texture out of it, so I ended up making a completely new texture for it. (Disclaimer: I’m not that good at artsy things.)
As of B19, the Pod Launcher has been removed from this mod.

Added new building materials:
Sculpting Table
Butcher Table
Hand/Electric Tailoring Bench
Stonecutter Table
Drug Lab
Hi-Tech Research Bench (Simple Research Bench is unchanged, but pictured because of brain derp)

Added textures and new building costs:
Tool Cabinet
Fueled/Electric Smithy
Machining Table
Fueled/Electric Stove
Electric Smelter
Component Assembly Bench

CuproPanda’s Expanded Power does not exactly conflict, but patches some of the same things. Loading it after Stuffed Workbenches works, but the workbenches might have odd cost lists.
For a manual install, please visit my github:

I mod for free, but if you want to you can buy me a cuppa on Ko-fi[] to fuel my tea addiction and give me a warm fuzzy feeling.

An amazing colony simulator where you start with a few low-tech colonists, and can build a thriving technological town comprised with dozens of unique and quirky individuals. That may not sound like many people, but you have to look out for each and every one of their wants and needs. If you don’t, they’ll respond accordingly. From throwing fits, to even committing murder. There are many other strange, and sometimes funny, forms of aberrant behavior that they’ll engage in when they lash out.

Most of your time in the game will be spent directing where buildings, housing, manufacturing, and farms will be located for your colonists. When doing so you need to take into consideration if a building’s placement is in an optimized location. If you’ve built yourself a fortified base, it doesn’t bode well to have your medical center be located at the back of your colony and far away from your defensive positions. Otherwise, injured colonists might find themselves bleeding out before ever receiving treatment.

Not only is building placement important. There is a 24 hour day and night cycle in which your colonists can only carry out so many chores that you’ll assign. Giving them too many tasks can potentially lead to other duties being ignored, such as cleaning or carrying items to their proper stock piles.

While the colony can mostly operate autonomously, you’ll sometimes need to individually direct a colonist to haul, build, or mine. You’ll also be taking direct control of everyone when you’re base ultimately gets attacked. You’ll need to recruit and either place your colonists in defensive locations, or move them forward when you press the attack. This includes carrying out missions away from your base and on other maps.

And this is where the scope of the game comes into focus. You’re not limited to your starting location. You can setup trade caravans, assault other bases, or investigate points of interest. Will you stay at your starting location? Or venture out into other biomes, setting up temporary colonies as you trek across the globe in hopes of finding a way to escape the planet.

Finally, one of the best things about the game is that it’s moddable. There are mods that allow you change or expanded upon every gameplay mechanic. With the right modpack you can create an entirely different Rimworld experience. The replayability is endless.

This game is an easy recommendation and a must have.

City building/clan management is my absolute favorite genre, and RimWorld is one of the best out there. Easily in the top three of all time. While the asking price seems steep – it’s really not. In fact, if I wouldn’t have recieved a Steam key, I would have repurchased, no questions asked. It is that good.

There is so much in this sandbox. Everything is just butter and works together so well. The user interface is crisp and everything is so intuitive. The way the whole system works together allows for so many layers of complexity that you could play this forever, and it wouldn’t really get redundant.

The developers have somehow pulled off this amazing trick of keeping in-game options fairly generic as to decrease having to sift through layers and layers of menus, but also somehow not making it boring by only having 2 or 3 styles of chairs. The replayability is sky high. It’s crazy.

Of course there is a learning curve – you have to expect that with any game that is going to really be worth it. You invest some time and trust me it pays dividends in pure entertainment. It is a shame that so many people (I was one of them) think this is associated with/ripping off Prison Architect because of the art style. Yeah, it is similiar, but that is where the comparison ends. So just get that out of your head right now.

With each colony I create, the experience is surreal. The music and events and dialogue all really suck me into whats going on. The night and day cycles create these great shadows that remind me of amazing summer evenings. They just did this really right.

+Honestly, this game is close to perfect as far as being a clan management sim with a procedural story that is drastically different everytime
+Music is some of the best I’ve heard for a game like this
+Graphics are super crisp
+User interface is awesome – great balance of everything being very functional without clutter
+Metric tons of content and replayability
+Very much worth every penny of that thirty bucks
+Fairly easy to learn considering the depth and possibility
+Artwork and graphics overall and top-notch

-I hate that it is confused with Prison Architect

If you are into clan management games – don’t worry about the high price tag – get this game as soon as you can! It will probably actually save you money because it will consume your gaming time instead of buying new titles lol.

I personally think that Rimworld is a great game. It takes a more indepth approach to the colony and/or city simulator, not in comparison to dwarf fortress but in the genere it is in a different league than the sims or banished. Instead of giving you a boring population that is without traits and addresses tasks and goals given by you or the game, you are given individual colonists with a large reliance on efficiency, and are governed completely by you (if you want to go through the work to micro your colonists). You have the opportunity to create/generate characters prior to entering your custom or preset scenario. Once you begin gameplay you adress colonial needs and assign priorities and jobs to your various colonists that all of individual skills that better suit different tasks.

Throughout the growth of your colony you will be presented with challenges and opposition wether by hunger, weather, space pirates, aggressive tribes, or mystical space robots with sword arms. provided your colony survives long enough, you will eventually have the opportunity to begin mechanizing your colony with prosthetics and implants through research and commerce. The world is generated prior to entering your first colony with a map of the entire artificial world covering either 30%, 50% or, 100% of the planet. The world is divided into hexagonal territories which, for some odd reason are square in colony view, are uniquely generated every single time a new initial save is created peppered with friendly, neutral and hostile factions and settlments.

-Several methods of playing
-Challenges are presented based on narrator (for lack of a better term)
-Infite possibilities
-Randomly generated landscapes and world
-Personalization of colonists and pets
-Complex disease, injury, and addiction systems. (i once saw a turtle kill a bear by biting its eye and giving it an infection, turtle still died. RIP Lawrence)
-Stil in development

-It can be really hard
-AI narrators will punish relentlessly
-Hard to create colonists that are effective without negetive affect on the colony or themselves (not really a ‘con’ it keeps the game balanced but some may not like it)
-Still in development
-Costs money

Tl;dr: Hard colony sim, lots of customizability and funny/infuriating gameplay, still in development, comparable to dwarf fortress.

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