[SYR] Marbled Marble

MOD Desc
Makes marble marbely
It’s a purely visual thing. Does not work for things made out of marble stone blocks, except walls.


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Oh man this game is awesome. The AI Story Tellers seem epic, gameplay is fun but it has a small tiny learning curve lucky for me (and you) youtube has a wealth of info along with a good Wiki page. Do so research make a plan and just try to have fun. Its an Easy 9/10 game for me.

Ill tell a quick story of my first game. I started with the classic storyteller on medium.

Found a nice forest area, got my three colonists, rubber the female crackshot, kally the female farmer, and brody the male medic/tamer, and brody brings a pet dog too. All had decent figting skills, brody got the knife, kally the pistol, and rubber got the rifle. I began making barraks and farms, made a few stockpiles, i quickly got my fridge going after all that. BAM first raid, i get everyone in their posts and destroy this lone raider, a few days pass and i got brody cooking some rice that kally planted a while ago, JUST in time before food ran out. More days pass, turns out even though brody has the best cooking stat with 5, the dude CANT cook to save his life, everyone has gotten food poisoning due to him. Rubber is the first down, she is just sick everywhere and brody takes her to her bed. kally is next down, lucky for me she is a TROOPER she continued to work through being sick till bedtime. The next day another raid happens, brody has no shooting skill so i just let him keep the knife instead of borrowing rubbers rifle, kally holds the line while rubber is still out, go click on rubber and look at her health to see whats up, muscle parasites (crap), have brody treat her, BAM kally gets it too. KALLY STILL REFUESES TO STAY DOWN, her and brody work the next few days. BRODY GIVES EVERYONE FOOD POISONING AGAIN, i say screw it and make a nutrient paste dispenser, kally and brody both recover from brodys crap cooking.Rubber is still down all i had was low tier meds. A warg decides to kill a random pig i got from a event(i got 3), IM send brody to merc him as revenge. Turns out brody is just all around trash he got injured badly, kally saves him and takes him to bed, i rejoice the warg is dead and things are looking ok. Then it hits me kally has no medical skill and i dont even have meds, brody bleeds out in his bed, THE DOG GOES NUTS, attacks kally injuring her badly she is bleeding out on the floor. A random event happens and a new colonist comes (my goodness maybe im saved! ill rescue kally, kill the dog, then bury brody.) The dog charges the stranger he shoots and hits, but alas it isnt enough the dog downs him and kills him, A RAID HITS RIGHT AS THE COLONIST DIES, RUBBER IS STILL DOWN AND THE DOG IS COMING FOR HER. The dog and the raider get into a fight, the raider wins by the skin of his teeth. IM SCREAMING FOR RUBBER TO GET UP AT THIS POINT, the raider destroys my fridge, blows up my gens, and steals my tailor bench, then he torches it all (not sure if he did it or if the gens started the fire), as he walks away he bleeds out from the fight with the dog and dies (KARMA). Rubber got burned alive in her bed while also starving cuz no one can feed her and unable to escape the flames due to muscle parasites.
That ends my first run.

I didnt know what to think or do, one small thing such as food poisoning caused everything to spiral out of control. I also didnt know the dog could go insane from loss of its master, my shock made kally get downed i couldnt react in time to let her attack back. All i can say is this game has left an impact on me, the random events are truly random, there is even a storyteller that just throws random things at you ( he is marked as potentially unfair due to that). i may only have four hours in game at the time i made this but all i can think about is playing more. I still have not even looked at the mods. Ive only made one colony but feel like i already got my 30 dollars worth, i plan to play the crap outta this title.

To new players id say dont expect to just dominate the game and win your first try, roll your characters and just go with the flow i lost you will probably get wiped as well, losing was still fun and very unexpected. i cant recommend this more, just buy it, this game deserves your time and money. Heck i had more fun in one sitting than ive had with all the new games ive got in the past year.

JUST DO IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

When I first saw the game, it seemed very simple. Simple graphics, simple concept. After looking into it more, I decided to try it out and… I just can’t get enough of this game.

TL:DR version: A must buy for those who love colony sims and complex medical mechanics. Don’t let the simple art style scare you off.

Rimworld is a sandbox colony managenet game focussing heavily on survival. When you first start, you’ll be told to choose a scenario. This can range from a simple group of tribesman to being a lone explorer with great resources. You’ll also be capable of generating a random scenario or even creating one, allowing you to upload it to the workshop for others to try. Once done, you’ll choose an AI director and difficulty. Difficulty will vary with each choice not only changing the severity of random encounters but even removing or adding new ones depending on what you choose. Next you have 3 AI directors: Cassandra Classic, Phoebe Chillax and Randy Random. Each one has different quirks and could drastically change how things play.

After choosing your AI and difficulty, you’ll be able to generate an ENTIRE plaent using a seed and adjusting some sliders for rainfall and temperature. Once generated you’ll be shown a planet with varying ecosystems and will be allowed to choose a location to begin your journey in this game. When I first saw the map, I was confused that I couldn’t see the grid like in the past with its map shape it had. It wasn’t until i zoomed in that I really got hit with how large this planet truly was, as this massive planet is made of hexes. Clicking on one will let you see all information on that location: climates, temperatures, land shape, ect.

After you set your world up, it’s time to setup your colonists. by default, depending on the scenario you choose, you’ll have from around 1-5 colonists all with their own look, traits, and more. For this I would recommend the mod ‘EDB Prepare Carefully’ as it’ll allow full control of colonists, adjusting every detail so you could make your own unique group of surviors, Even going as far as editing their relationships and starting supplies.

After you’ve got everything done, you can start your new life on a potenially ruthless planet, out for your blood.

Now this may be just because of my option settings but, your gonna have to fight for your life, alot. If not because of raiders and berserk animals, it’ll be from infections, diseases, injuries, even hypothermia and heatstroke. You will need to plan things out and create a colony capable of surving hell itself. I can’t say much else from here as playthoughs will change DRASTICALLY from eachother. I often find myself dying in horrible and hilarious ways and instead of just giving up, I start up a new colony just to see what’ll happen to these poor guinea pigs.

Something I got to give Ludeon Studios props for is the medical system. It is amazing how indeph it can be, allowing medical treatment to every limb of the body. This can lead to big decisions such as needing to remove someones leg to stop an infection you just don’t have the man power to deal with.

Another nice touch is you have no restraints of what kind of playstyle you want to pursue. Want to be a tribe of cannibal nudists that eat their prisoners of war? Go ahead. Want to have a mad scientist who harvests organs and makes cyborgs? You can do that too.

I’m honestly at a lost for words at the amount of detail that is put into this game. I’d have to make around a 1 hour video just to cover the majority of these features. I can understand some people might be keeping a distance from the game, if not for the look of the game, then maybe the its price tag and early access stamp. To me though, this game feels complete, I can’t even really think what else they could add and optimization is phenomenal. I’ve had no slow downs and no crashes aside from ones I had because of mods that were not up to date.

I can’t recommend this game more than I already have. If you have the money, get this game. There is a refund system that works if you played 2 hours or less but honestly, even at 2 hours, you’ll either still be learning the ropes or so focussed you won’t even notice the time. So be warned if you plan to just test the game.

This game, Simply Terrific.

I love this game. Because i’ve tried to get into Dwarf Fortress but it’s not my thing personally and the only 2 reasons for this being are the graphics and the hud. Otherwise the game would be amazing and amongst the best of all games, but we’re talking about rimworld here not dwarf fortress. So let me tell you some pros and cons for this game and the reason why you should really get it because it is definitely worth getting it.

– Now i’d bet most of you found this game through other similar games like as i had already mentioned before Dwarf fortress or banished. There is a Genre for these type of games which i’d like to call: Colony management
[Now not only is this game fun for all the people who played similar games but also for new people, which in my opinion is a pretty big Pro]

edit: for nominee xDDD
– I might be wrong about this, but i’ve experienced absolutely 0 bugs about this game and i think that for a especially an Early Acces game this deserves a Pro.
– It’s incredibly Unique. I actually like that Tynan(The main game developer) didn’t copy too much from games like Dwarf fortress which he based this game on.
– Challenging, the game keeps you at a constant pace of difficulty to keep you satisfied and not bored, although there is an option to change that for example the Randy random mode.
– [Last words]To top it off the developer of this game is amongst the best i’ve ever seen, because not only does he listen to the communities ideas and suggestions, but he also involves into it! Though that might change because the game is getting very popular very fast

– This may sound ridiclious but can’t think of any at the time i’m writing this.

– Some big suggestions i had that everybody would love to see probably,
– Vehicles and Rideable horses, this could really make the game interesting and with the new chemfeul added to the game (alpha 16) it may even get added soon.
– y – levels Could not only be strategicly cool but also more realistic AND in Buildings.
– Multiplayer, This is probably the biggest thing. I mean the game could be so fun if this was added here’s why and how i think it could be implented:
So with the recent update (Alpha 16) Tynan has released your colonist being able to form caravans and form colonies on other maps, he also made it possible to have a spherical world map and litteraly look around on this map!
The way i think multiplayer could be possible, is if players would just find a colony on the planet and play, it would be kind of like the game Rust where you make bases and the objective is to raid other people to become ‘The king of the hill’ (Not originally called).

Some incredible unique features to the game:
– To top this post off entirely i just wanted to list a few features that were definitely worth mentioning
– a Spherical map. This feature has been recently added and is one of the big things the game has you can see it in the pictures on this very store page!
– Multiple colonies being able to play on multiple maps is something i’d never thought would happen and it’s amazing.
– Drugs, lol this is kind of a funny one, you can litteraly drug your people and make them stoned some of the descriptions in their ‘ Needs menu’ where you can see your colonists thoughts and need are sometimes hilarious. Also you can create drugs yourself which is also very cool.
– The health system is very well made Not only those it conclude Illnesses and infections, but it also lets you perform surgeries for example. The health system is also very realistic as doctor colonists can fail them or that a room has to be clean to have a higher rate of succes.

Official Final Words:
Would i recommend you this game? Definitely
is it worth the money? Yeah it’s a decent price
Is it for arcade players? See here’s the problem, this game might not be for all people. Same goes with the game Dwarf Fortress if you are not willing to learn the game mechanics, or you can’t quite cope with loss i wouldn’t recommend you this game. Rimworld is trying its best to make it appealing for everyone , which in my opinion Dwarf Fortress fails alot in.

Thank you for reading everyone have a great day ๐Ÿ™‚ !!!

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