Room Sense

MOD Desc
Toggleable panels to show relevant room stats, such as beauty, cleanliness, etc, over appropriate rooms using graphical meters and optionally a coloured overlay.


Essentially it gives you a faster overview of what the environment inspection tool does. You can mouse over individual panels for more detail, similar to the environment tool’s room info panel. This will help you work out what each meter represents.

Only stats relevant to a room’s role are displayed (e.g. Bedrooms care about all stats, but Hospitals only care about space, beauty and cleanliness). General storerooms and workshops show no stats because their condition does not affect colonists’ thoughts.

By default a coloured heat map is also displayed over relevant rooms when the tool is enabled, keyed to the ‘primary’ stat for each room (which is ‘Impressiveness’ if it’s relevant to the room, or else an average of the relevant stats). You can enable and disable both the meter panels and the heat map independently, as well as adjust their opacity, from the Mod Settings page.


The individual meters are segmented based on how many buckets the game divides each stat into (which correspond to different labels in the environment display, such as ‘dull’, ‘mediocre’, ‘interesting’, etc). A meter’s colour will be red, yellow or green depending on how bad or good that stat is in that room.

The overlay is toggled on and off with a button added to the bottom right tool dock, alongside the environment inspection tool, roof overlay toggle, etc. It can also be toggled via a configurable keyboard shortcut (the default is the equals key ‘=’).

You can click through the overlays to buildings and items below them.


It is safe to add to or remove from an existing save.

Post any issues in the Bug Reports discussion thread or on the Ludeon forums thread.

Unfortunately the coloured overlay doesn’t work on Linux due to an issue in the game code that prevents multi-coloured overlays working on Linux (though the panels will still work). For a workaround, see

Source Code:
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  • That’s a legit sentiment, and I like to think that if your post had been placed in a different spot, it probably would have been acknowledged. But I follow about 20 mod threads, and these public threads at the bottom of the main page tend to be used for A) Dev announcements, B) Q&A, and C) People just saying ‘thank you’ and moving on. There’s a custom that has developed where it’s not really an interactive space except for questions (which is stupid place for questions, if you ask me) , and so the dev here probably didn’t think that you were looking for a back-and-forth interaction. No one was in the wrong, I just think no one expected you were looking for anymore than a space to shout thanks into the void.
  • First off: nice idea. looks better then the vanilla tooltip.Some suggestions:- Kitchen room type isn’t displayed, even when cleanliness is important there. Not for butcher, but cooks (food poisoning)- An option to only show the labels if your cursor is in the room (something like the vanilla tooltips). – Maybe an option to display workshops anyway, since some pawns can spend a lot of time in there. Scrap that, that has actually nothing to do with the actual room room stats. The feeling of space and beauty is calculated differenty, even if it is remotely related.
  • You mean the ‘Ugly Environment’ debuff? That’s a consequence of the colonist’s Beauty Needs meter depleting, similar to how they will get a cramped environment debuff if they spend enough time in a small room until their Spaciousness Needs meter runs too low.In that sense beauty and space is relevant to all rooms, But the game doesn’t consider that important for the room’s role, in the same way that cleanliness is important for a hospital. Generally what you want to do is make sure the colonists spend enough time in pretty dining rooms and bedrooms so their beauty meter is filled up and occasionally popping into a store room doesn’t deplete their beauty meter too much. It also depletes when they are outside without any beauty objects around.
  • Oh yeah. The kitchen’s food poisoning chance factor is a hidden stat, which is why none of the visible stats for the game are considered relevant by the game (I don’t actually tell the mod what to display, it uses the function used by the environment displayer that decides whether to show a stat in bold or not.). I’ll make an exception for the kitchen to display the cleanliness since we know that’s important.

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