Buildable Mech Cluster Stuff

MOD Desc
The mod adds variants of the mech assembler and most of the mech cluster turrets (Working on adding more!)
Currently implemented
■ Buildable Tamed Hive – Spawns tamed insects that act like normal tamed animals. Also spawns insect jelly. Is not affected by insect mods yet.
■ Buildable Mech Assembler variant – Chooses one type of mechanoid to spawn upon building. Essentially the same as the vanilla one. (Supports modded mechanoids! No way to choose which mechanoid you want yet.)
■ Swarm Assembler – Makes mech swarms quickly. Swarms are tiny fragile and explode on death (Boomrat size explosion). Swarms have an overdriven variant of the assault rifle and machine pistol.
■ Buildable Weather Manipulator – Currently defaults to fog. No menu to change the weather yet. Dev mode should allow you to change the selected weather [WIP]■ Buildable mech cluster auto mortar and shielded variants of uranium slug turret and autocannon turret

There is currently no way to restrict your mechanoids besides using retractable walls from mods! Once you set them loose they will automatically attack any hostiles otherwise they will just wander randomly. (They will not defend! They will always assault the enemy.). I’m still looking into how I can do this.

Safe to add to any existing saves! Also safe to remove.

Compatible with mods that add more mechanoids. They will spawn on the buildable mech assembler.

Compatible with What the hack

Known Issues
Some errors pop up when selecting your mechanoids or when an insect is spawned from the tamed hive. It doesn’t seem to break anything. Should be harmless

Cannot restrict mechanoids to an area

Cannot draft mechanoids

Credits to the Ludeon team for all the textures. Swarmer texture is a scyther cut down leaving only the lower half.

Stuff I plan on implementing
• Buildable variant of mech cluster turrets & auto mortar
• Shielded variants of other vanilla turrets

Stuff I can’t do right now
• Steal Mech Cluster Shields (There’s already a mod for that)
• Steal Mech Cluster Turrets (Mechanoid turrets shoot people so you can’t steal them)
• Draft and manually control mechanoids (Needs C#. I’m still learning it.)
• Restrict mechanoids to an area
• Require resource input for assemblers
• Block drop pods with shields

Sooo just had a manhunter pack, the mechanoids responded as they should and got decimated, 16 mechanoids vs 70 modded animals (ripper hounds I think). During this attack I found a problem, I don’t think its your mod I think I have some mods that allow this or something. First off the mechanoids were getting infections from a lot of attacks. The modded animals that attacked must have a chance to infect on attack. The infection ticks up but immunity doesn’t (no healing in mechanoids, go figure). The problem I have is my pawns actually rescue the downed mechanoids and try to heal them. LOL What a waste of medicine. The rescued mechanoids in animal beds keep falling out of them cause they aren’t meant for them. So I am going to have to not use them if my pawns are going to waste medicine on them. As for what mod is allowing them to be tended I have no idea.

I feel like it might save you a LOT of time since it already does:-Mechanoid drafting-Mechanoid jobs-(kinda) restrict to zone (they can either be told to stay on their platform or roam/attack any enemies)I feel like the only thing you would require to do would be to add a ‘Custom targeting’ hediff that replace the ‘hacked targeting’ hediff so that your mechanoids don’t go rogue if not maintained (why would they go rogue if YOU build them?) and maybe have them spawn without the ‘running on backup battery’ tooanother mod that has interesting mechanoid stuff is the callistan robotics mod! They add mechanoium (a kind of plasteel gotten from mechanoids) and mechanoids power cores, some potentially interesting ingrediants! I do like the idea and texture of your mechanoid componants however :3

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