Death Rattle

MOD Desc
This mod makes it so that people will no longer instantly die when their vital capacities reach zero. If one of your colonists has their liver destroyed by a charge lance, for instance, they will become severely ill and you will have a short window to get them a new liver before they die.

The time scales in this mod are not entirely realistic, because Rimworld’s time scale makes it effectively impossible for a colonist to receive life-saving care in a realistic amount of time. Colonists move too slowly, and days pass too quickly, so the numbers have been fudged to make it difficult, but possible, to save someone if you have a donor organ on hand.

Be warned: Just because they survive, doesn’t mean they won’t suffer permanent brain injury as a result of their near-death experience.

Don’t ask me about compatibility. It should be compatible with everything. Just try it, and let me know if it doesn’t work, so I can fix it.

  • Hello, I noticed something of interest between this mod and the Questionable Ethics mod. QE contains a life support system that will supply the function of any organ except the brain as long as the patient remains in the attached bed. However when coupled with death rattle to try to give people a fighting chance to get off the battlefield I noticed that death rattle’s organ timers do not stop when interfaced with the life support machine, and that death will still occur when they reach 100% I confirmed this by briefly turning off DR while a heartless patient was in the bed and he lived indefinitely.I love both of these mods and I was just wondering if there might be any way to make them play nice together?
  • OK, I’ve done some testing on my own and can confirm that the Death Rattle conditions DO properly disappear when the capacity causing them is restored. If they are not being fully healed by the organ transplant, it’s a bug in your game somewhere that I cannot reproduce.As for pawns still walking around with Death Rattle conditions like liver or intestinal failure, I forgot I did some research when making this and not every condition will instantly down you. Only ones where you are ‘clinically dead,’ like no pulse or coma (no/minimal brain activity), or lacking something you need to function, like oxygen deprivation, instantly down a pawn. Missing a heart DOES instantly down a pawn. If it doesn’t, then it’s a bug in your game I cannot reproduce.
  • By all regards it’s your mod and therefor your choice what to do with it, but I would certainly enjoy the change so only pawns can be effected by it. I would edit the mod myself as I know you have no qualms with that but for me trying to read code is like trying to read a brick wall. So I’d very much appreciate a fix or an alternate version, if you care to take the time that is. Otherwise I’m sure I’ll learn to survive without it.On the topic of player faction only restricition, besides making (immediate) executions impossible, I don’t mind the tiny increase to my chances of gaining a captive, albeit with possible brain damage. And speaking of execution, as previously mention, the mod interferes with slaughtering animals, as they’re (sometimes) able to run around for hours after having their throats slit. Although I haven’t tested it on a human, I assume euthanasia would be the same.
  • While I did like this mod, I had a LOT of issue with animals. The majority of animals were able to keep going for hours after having their hearts shot out or suffering brain damage (this resulted in one of my pawns losing a hand to a literally heartless camel on commitment mode) It also makes hunting animals very, very tedious. I had one of my colonists attempt to slaughter a downed animal nearly 20 times because he just kept going back to slit its throat.(edit) I forgot to mention on the affecting hunting part, I was noticing that I was losing out on resources due to my Colonists having to destroy up to 30% of the animals body before it would actually die.
  • Question! My dude just saved some stranger from certain death. He was a member of a passing caravan that died fighting off the horde of zombies at my gates. The hero broke down the fence, dodged the hundreds of zombies and pulled him out from underneath a raging monster, but suffered a missing leg from the attempt. He managed to hop all the way back to the hospital and passed out in the bed next to him, then nearly bled out. Our doctor showed up in time to patch them both up, but now he’s in a deep coma. How can I get my hero out of the coma? It’s winter and he’s the only one who can finish the late harvest. The prisoners can’t do it all by themselves… Having one leg is bad enough, but going into a coma is devastating. Please help!
  • does this affect the chance to hit the heart? i had a colonist that hit three consecutive heart shots, each destroying it in its entirety, only to be killed by a shot to the heart mere days later. He has a shooting skill of 11.Heart shots have become so common that i have next to no prisoners at any time because half the people raiding me simply die of being shot in the heart, often being the first shot they take.Colonists use vanilla bolt-action rifles and SMG’s, so surely they couldn’t always destroy the heart in one hit, right?Wrote this because one of my colonists just got shot in the heart and died due to a teenager with an autopistol at it’s max range, someone who had a shooting skill of 4.

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