Gloomy Vanilla Overhaul

MOD Desc

REQUIRED MOD: Gloomy Furniture This mod is originally made by Owlchemist i take no credit for the original mod!
Owlchemist’s original mod Gloomy Vanilla is a lightweight version compared to this mod, and since that mod author is taking a break, I’ve expanded on their work.
In time i will update this with more mod integration and expand on what the original mod started.

The general idea of this mod is to balance and make more use of gloomy furniture types. This mod will NOT remove as much stuff from Gloomy Furniture, but still includes the nice features from the overhaul that Owlchemist made, so as not to clutter menus too much. I will try to make all gloomy style mods play nice together and with Vanilla. Gloomy furniture will replace Vanilla furniture if it can be replaced and market prices will match Vanilla.

I made a mod collection with mods fits nicely in the ‘gloomy style’ theme
Mod Collection
let me know if any more will fit

Notes This mod also have textures made only for this mod, wich is not found in gloomy furniture, deco or other mods.
if its only a few item i will only release it in here.

if its a bigger collection it will be made a standalone mod and then made replacements done with this mod.
but the idea behind this mod is replace other mod and vanillas textures to give a more overall seamlined feel to it.

For now focus is only early age, maybe later ill try make some electronics with a style that fit.

This mod alter/patch following mods IF installed: – Gloomy Furniture – Gloomy Extra Kitchen – Medic addons –
– Gloomy Deco – LT/SYR Doormat – More Linkables –
– Gloomy Brick mod – Soft Warm Beds –

Load order: (suggestions with fluffy’s mod manager)
Gloomy Furniture
Gloomy Extra – Kitchen (optional)
Gloomy Deco (optional)
More Linkables (optional)
Medic addons (optional)
Gloomy Vanilla Overhaul
DocWorld (optional)

Suggested mods to use with: Better Vanilla Masking] (vanilla benches have more style)

Compatibility notes:

  • Decore 1.0: run this mod after it because Decore 1.0 also does texture replacements.
  • Will not work with original gloomy vanilla! (this is a replacement for that)

Changes Gloomy Vanilla Overhaul v2.1.0:

  • 8 New Joy textures for vanilla joy items.
  • New item, dice table
  • New item door Curtain decor (may be a door later)
  • Torch texture
  • 4 texture for medicaddons + patch for it
  • 1 texture for surgical instrument table (both ML and MA)
  • moved door frame and curtain to Deco menu, since its a decor item.
  • fix for tablewareshelf linkable to stove
  • fix price on vanilla tool cabinet
    // see more details in changelog.

Gloomy Vanilla Overhaul v2.0.0:

  • Reintroduced alot of the ‘removed gloomy stuff’ from Gloomy Vanilla
  • Moved stuff to proper architecht menus
  • Bring back linkables for beds
  • Semo updated his mod ‘Gloomy Extra – Kitchen’ to support my version
  • Support for Fluffys mod manager (load order suggestion)
  • New texture for Vanilla tool cabinet (texture by Semo)
  • Moved rugs to new decor menu in newest gloomy furniture
  • Rotate option for rugs to change texture to save space in menu (gloomy deco idea)
  • Removed 3×1 gloomy butchering table, if gloomy extra – kitchen is installed that one is used.
    // I have decided to continue leaving some things out from Gloomy Furniture, to minimize cluttered menus: 2nd wall type will stay out, 2 tables removed, 2nd bed type removed, light is untouched.

Feature Requests
or GitHub Issues[]

Save friendly?
-If using some of the items we have disabled they will be removed.
-If put on existing save, with alot of gloomy furniture stuff it might remove some, as defnames getting changed to vanilla ones, to let this mod work better with other mods.
-if removing from an save most stuff will revert back to vanilla stuff or gloomy if gloomy furniture still installed.
Github link[]

Credits Dr_Zhivago Modding/coding support.
Semo for help with textures and learn to make them.
Owlchemist Original Gloomy Vanilla Creator
GloomyLynx Making all Original Gloomy Textures.
Inverness And all other mods we make patches or use assets from.

Legal Most things in here are retexture and addons for other mods.
You have to check individuel mod author to check terms they provide.

  • Nice to see more stuff getting converted to the Gloomy style.After checking this out I’m not a fan of the fire/lighting changes. The wall lamps have nearly half their light radius and the big fireplace needed to heat homes costs over 3 times as much to run. The original values might be a bit too generous but I get the feeling they are what they are to allow building freely without requiring you to put a large effort on keeping stock of wood or placing a massive amount of lamps. I guess I can always just delete the lighting patch file to revert it.In regards to items vanishing into the void when putting this mod on. Is it not possible to keep the gloomy items but disable them so they can no longer be built or bought? It would make it less destructive to add to existing games.
  • Personally I’d say just remove the fire/light changes entirely and leave the original gloomy values. Although if you want them rebalanced in some manner I would suggest the following. Revert the fireplace fuel capacity to 75 (not sure why it was lowered) and change the original fuel burn from 3 to 5 making it last 15 days instead of 25 days. Revert the glow radius back to 10 so you don’t need extra lighting and in turn probably revert the lowered fuel consumption so it costs more (less lamps and higher cost vs more lamps and lower cost). Other then those the rest of the changes are fairly minor except maybe RGK_Street_Lamp_Seven burning an extra 0.6 fuel a day.At any rate for balancing I would simply suggest keep in mind the cost of the items and how many of them you’ll run in a large town. Wood has to be grown, harvested and delivered for every item. So it might be best to fudge the balancing a bit for better gameplay which I imagine is what the original gloomy values did.
  • I played with this in a 6y long save. i gave it a try, but no. I understand you removed some items to match the vanilla values more, but having everything that i could previously hook up with electricity now require wood is so irritating. They dont just use wood. They fuel lamps and fireplaces with chemfuel. I wouldnt mind this so much if they would prioritize wood > chemfuel, but they dont. Im not blaming you for that, its not your fault. But its the biggest gripe i have with this mod. I dont want to micro manage every lamp or fireplace and turn them on/off whenever theyre not in use. i dont think my V button has ever seen this much action.I also miss all the ‘excess’ items you removed. If we used gloomys mod originally, theres a pretty good chance we dont mind the ‘excess’ items or the ‘bloated’ menus. We actually like having a choice. just meh.I really like some of the stuff you did with this which is why i initially wanted to use it but .. ehh..
  • I would like to second the request for SWB compatibility. Also, which things have you actualyl kept out? You say ‘second wall type’ but I’m not sure what you mean. I use Gloomy Furniture but stopped using Gloomy Vanilla because I felt it threw out the baby with the bathwater, like removing the beautiful trees. I know that with walls, Gloomy Furniture has one that is wood only, ‘mixed lumber’ for me because I use Expanded Woodworking, and one that’s stuffable. Is it the stuffable one you’ve removed? I hope not. Also, which bed design is removed? I use both; one for guests and one for colonists, and I like having options of different bedcover designs. If anything, I’d like to see more choices there, rather then only one. It’s purely cosmetic but then the point of Gloomy Furniture is to make your base look prettier. I’m less fussed about the tables.

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