Dragon Mod

MOD Desc
There were a few dragon mods on steam so I made another one more similar to game of thrones, the dragons are very stronk and have protection from sharp and blunt damage, they can also be drained for 10 chemfuels.

Updated it so the dragons don’t burn everything in your base.

Bear in mind their bites can burn prey and enemies potentially burning the entire base/map 🙂 so I’d reccomend keeping them inside.

Credits to ShadowTani for letting me use her chemical extraction from her Chemicals and Neutroamine mod and the original sprites are from GreyFluffs and Tammabanana’s Animal Fantasy mod.

This should be compatible with other animal mods such as Megafauna, Dinosauria, AnimalCollabProj and more.

Use it for whatever just as long people are credited and if you have any suggestions please leave a comment.

Dog Said patch – https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1166026999&searchtext=

First mod btw

I love this game. It offers a real sense of progression but in the unique individuals that inhabit your colony and the colony itself. It can feel a bit unfair at times when you get attacked and are both outnumbered and outgunned at a time when you couldn’t have progressed much further but enough tries and perhaps a few new headstones later, you figure it out. That feeling of having a real impact on the outcome and the lives of your colonists is hard to come by in other games. It’s not a fast game most of the time but it makes you care more about each incremental advancement you make. In the beginning you’re thrilled to scavenge a revolver or research how to make a bed and a few hours later you’re excited to scavenge a plasma rifle and research autocannon turrets.

My only complaints are that the RNG can really swing the experience of a given colony and the endgame could use a little more variety.

This game,

Let me just start with saying this : It’s an ongoing story, you like John, peter and sarah because they just crashlanded ? Well, chances are if you play for a decent amount of time none of them will be alife anymore. But you will play on with your new selection of individuals. Rimworld really gives you the tools to tell your own story of crashlanding in the middle of nowhere and surviving against anything the AI storyteller throws at you, no playthrough has been the same (Steam does not show all my played hours as I played the game before it came out on steam)

If you want a realistic game about managing your colony, buy this.

Finally I want to say. Thank you Tynan Sylvester for keeping the game updated and still adding new features to the game, it shows us players you care about the game and really put your all into it! You will be suprised with the stuff you can do.

-Start up a new colony
-everythings going well, got plenty of food, meds and I steadily improving the standard of living
– defeat an enemy raid and recruit the survivor
-random nudist shows up and joins the colony
-escape pod crashes and we rescue another new member
-decide to go hunting so I can get some better meals
-tell hunter to shoot at an lonely boar
-raided but no one is injured and the raid is wiped out
-hunter I sent out earlier shoots at boar
-boar becomes angry
-boar brings in boar friends
-6 colonists gored to peices by 5 angry boars
-mysterious stranger shows up to save the day
-he too is ripped apart by boars
-last living colonist (the hunter that started this massacre in the firstplace) hunted down and gored by the beasts he was sent to hunt
-colony officially destroyed

10/10 would get gored to death by boars again 🙂

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